June 16, 2014

What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do for Your Business?

Press 1 for English; press 2 for technical support; press 3 if you are an existing customer … Today, it’s almost impossible to get a live person on the phone at all! Customers crave the personal touch. They long to hear a real, live person say, “Hi, how can I help you?” A virtual receptionist meets this need, while still keeping you and your staff free for other business besides taking phone calls.

A virtual receptionist is the ideal solution for small businesses and for business people on the go. It is the perfect alternative to voice mail, since many customers don’t want to leave a message with a machine. Do you have lots of hang up calls on your voice mail service? Do your customers complain about not being able to get a living person on the phone? Do you fear that you’re missing out on business because you can’t be there to answer the phone all the time?

If this sounds like your dilemma, a virtual receptionist is your answer. The receptionist can be trained to answer questions specific to your line of business, and can be equipped to alert you or someone else within your company if a real emergency does arise. It is the perfect alternative to the impersonal customer service that has become the norm today.

These receptionists can be trained to handle calls about real estate, legal matters, medical issues, a line of merchandise, or even human resources questions to handle people calling in about hiring on with your company. Take advantage of this resource today, to offer your customers service that is head and shoulders above your competition.