December 13, 2018

Client Education: What is a Virtual Office Call Answering Service?

Virtual Office Call Answering Service Area

Always Answer gets a lot of questions about our services, packages and what each service means.

In fact, many clients have difficulty distinguishing between answering services, a virtual office, or a marriage of the two – virtual office call answering services.

If your business wants to know more about virtual office call answering services, or a breakdown of the two services individuals, you aren’t alone, and we aren’t about to leave you on call-waiting.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of this versatile and seamless service, and how it can save you time, money and hassle!

What Exactly is a Virtual Office Call Answering Service?

This long-tail term is actually two different services which many offices choose to merge – a virtual office and a call answering service.

These two services are often used together because a call answering service only does exactly what it says – answers calls. And though this is very helpful for many businesses, some offices need a little extra for their industry and customers.

An answering service is a real place, like a call center, staffed by professional telephone operators who are trained to handle your calls with the utmost of skill.

A virtual office, on the other hand, does much more than answer calls, it’s almost like having an off-site receptionist, or a virtual office manager.

A virtual office can utilize local phone numbers, work with call overflow, set appointments and even relay your messages, just like a receptionist would throughout your office.

And just because we aren’t physically there with you, doesn’t mean we can’t do everything an in-house receptionist could. All with extended hours, extensive training and extras in case you ever need them as your business grows.

What All Can a Virtual Office Call Answering Service Do for Your Business?

Localized Phones Numbers

Have you ever answered a phone call from a state you have never been to? One none of your family or friends are from?

Or did you ignore that call from Alaska? Did you send it to voicemail and never check the message?

Most likely, regardless of what industry you are in, calls from far-off states or zip-codes make your new or potential customers less likely to answer, as they will assume it is spam or solicitors.

We don’t want your company to miss out on a single interaction with your customer base, which is the exact reason a local phone number through your virtual office call answering service can be a big boost to your sales calls.

Catch Call Overflow

Maybe you have one phone in your business, maybe you have fifteen, and maybe this is often enough, but what about when it isn’t?

No one wants to get the busy signal, no one wants to be on hold for lengthy periods of time, and yet, this happens all too often, especially during a busy season – like the holidays.

Use a virtual office to catch all those overflow calls during your normal business hours, and never miss a call or customer query again.

Messages Relay to Your Lines

What about when those calls reach our lovely operators? What if the customer or employee wants to leave a message or wants a call back?

Again, this can all be done with a virtual office call answering service as our trained telephone operators get those important messages to you in record time!

Through text, email or fax, we can make sure you get the important messages, per your orders, and in the manner you prefer.

All to make your workday flow effortlessly and your business run efficiently.

Appointment Scheduling

The answer is clear in 2019 and beyond – sync your business to make it seamless, and make technology work for you, not the other way around.

And this goes for your appointment scheduling as well!

Using a virtual office can allow your online calendars to sync, keeping all of your appointments organized and in one place.

Can’t get to the phone? Your appointments can still be booked through your virtual office call answering services.

Does Your Business Need Virtual Office Call Answering Services from Always Answer?

Just in time for the busy holidays, give your business the gift of seamless service, organization, and ease.

Always Answer is here to make your hectic holidays a little less crazy and a little calmer.

Call us at 800-606-9898 to start your free 7-day trial today! We know you’ll be amazed by everything a virtual office call answering service can provide.