September 22, 2014

Telemarketing Today: The New Face of Telephone Sales and Outreach

Telemarketing, like most forms of advertisement and marketing, is evolving. Customers are increasingly sophisticated, and desire more of a courtship than a bunch of fancy sales speak. It’s important for your outsourced call center to be aware of these trends so they can work with you for more successful campaigns. How can your business evolve and thrive in the new era of telemarketing? Read on to find out.

What Is the Inevitable Goal of Telemarketing Efforts?

The end goal of telemarketing isn’t just hanging up with a new sale or a new customer. The goal is to build a relationship with new customers and to solidify and strengthen relationships with existing customers. You have to woo them, so to speak. If your telemarketer hangs up with a friend, that’s better in the long run than hanging up with a sale but not goodwill. Why? In the age of social media, friends are far more valuable than a sale. Friends become loyal customers, and hopefully, brand advocates. A simple sale can turn sour, which doesn’t bode well for your image.

When Is Telemarketing the Best Method of Reaching Out?

There are several ways to keep your telemarketing efforts on track with the latest trends. Studies show that telemarketing is best used in conjunction with a broader marketing campaign. Calling customers also works well for demographics that don’t traditionally spend much time online, such as older adults, and for business-to-business types of interactions. Telemarketing is most effective when reaching out to existing customers, or at least to customers who already likely know you exist.

How Can You Keep Your Telemarketing Efforts Relevant?

First, find a call center which offers exceptional employee training. It is crucial that callers know the company, its products, and the benefits of using these products intimately, so that they can accurately convey the message to customers. Also, look for a center that uses effective motivational techniques for their employees. Telemarketing comes with a lot of negative feedback, and it’s important to keep callers upbeat and motivated to make the most out of all their calls.