September 13, 2019

Are You in Technology, Healthcare or Property Management? You Need a Virtual Receptionist!

Man in technology industry on the phone with virtual receptionist

If you work in technology, healthcare, or property management – then you might just need a virtual receptionist. But why? What do these industries involve that makes their need for a 24/7 live agent or virtual receptionist so much greater?

Let’s dive into these industries as well as the aspects of a virtual receptionist that make them so invaluable for small and large businesses across the United States.

Technology, Healthcare, & Property Management Virtual Receptionists:

Our technology, healthcare, and property management clients often need 24/7 service so that their clients can get ahold of them or troubleshoot software, tech, scheduling, or property problems that arise off the clock. Does your company need:

Alarm Monitoring & Notification Services

Our virtual receptionist and call center services are flexible – meaning they can receive emails, SMS, or phone notifications from your servers to ours. This means any of your issues, alarms, or notifications will never go unseen, un-dealt with, or ignored. And with 24-hour service, you can count on us to always be ready whether it’s a small issue, a lock-out, or a system failure, we’ll always be there, any time of the day or night.

First Level Support Services

Maybe you have a few clients who call in with true emergencies, maybe some others call in with…less than emergency situations. But if you are taking all of the calls, then you’re dealing with each one, whether it’s troubleshooting that needs to be dealt with right then, or a minor question or schedule change that could have easily waited until morning.

This is why many of our technical, healthcare, and property management clients need first level support services. Our agents understand the difference between a true emergency and an issue which can wait. Per your instructions, our trained agents will send the call to the appropriate individual, whether that be your on-call professional, or your voicemail – we’ve got you covered.

Our scripting software and training have proven multiple times to be able to eliminate unnecessary calls from being escalated during inappropriate hours. This is something both you and your after-hours team can appreciate.

Emergency Dispatch

We strive ourselves on our speed and seamlessness when it comes to delivering urgent messages to you with either a live phone call or a text message. In addition, our text message notifications are followed up with a live phone call if we do not receive confirmation that the message was received from your on-call staff.

All three industries – healthcare, technology, and property management – often need emergency dispatch services, as its one of those things you hope you never need, but still need to have.

Emergency dispatch services from your virtual receptionist could entail many things, dependent on your needs, your clients, and the nature of your business – make sure you’re accessible when your clients need you the most.

Web On-Call Schedules

Your virtual receptionist can easily access, change, or edit your Web On-Call Schedule. This means you can change or view the call rotation at any time, anywhere you have internet access.

Need Appointment Scheduling, Automated Upfront Greetings, or HIPAA Compliance? Always Answer Can Help There Too!

Of course, you know Always Answer works with Tech, Property Management, and Healthcare companies – but did you know we also have vast experience working with Insurance, Government Agencies, Law, Transportation, and more?

You aren’t in the business as long as we have been, without understanding multiple companies, niches, and industries – and we’re ready to help you too!

Whether you need 24/7 live support, just a little after-hours help, or call-overflow systems, we are the perfect solution to all your call center needs.

So, go ahead, give us a call or contact us today – we’d love to connect with you and make your call system work better for you, your team, and your business.