June 21, 2019

Why You Should Hire a Local Answering Service [5 Reasons That Can Skyrocket Your Business]

Man on the phone with a local answering service

Outsourcing is a huge hot-button issue in our culture lately. Whether you’re talking about outsourcing jobs in the automotive industry, clothing industry, or even call centers, you’ve surely heard grumbles about many different jobs being outsourced to cheaper areas or countries, just to save the company money.

At Always Answer, we believe in supporting our community and providing jobs right in your neighborhood. We are your local call service, meaning we are in your area code, in your time zone, and know about the communities we serve.

So, the next time you need call center services, either outbound or inbound, think of Always Answer.

Here are five additional reasons why choosing a local answering service is best – for your community, your business, and your customers!

Local Answering Services Know Your Community

Isn’t it nicer to have someone on the other end of the line who knows the area? Instead of having to look everything up and put your callers on hold, it’s much better to have a local answering the phone who knows about the caller, because they live in the same area.

Many callers simply need information about your hours, location, or directions – this is where working with a local answering service is ideal. Check out our Duncanville or Amarillo answering services here, or Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston!

Local Presence | Local Caller ID

For outbound calling services (sales calls, surveys), did you know that having a local area code makes it much more likely that they will pick up? Four times more likely in fact!

Think back to the last time you saw a toll-free number calling, or even a number you did not recognize – did you answer? Probably not.

And neither will your customers or surveyors. Instead, use a local area code either from within your city or automated to help your customers feel at ease when they see your number on their screen.

Always Answer Has Bilingual Options

Being the local choice for Texas means we have bilingual operators to be able to answer and help all of your customers, whether they prefer to speak in English or Spanish.

Did you know that almost 30% of Texans speak Spanish at home? This means you could be losing out on almost a third of your potential clients by not answering or being able to give customer service in the language they feel most comfortable speaking.

Instead of excluding this potential customer pool, increase your reach with our bilingual operators and team members.

Local Answering Services Have No Time Zone Confusion

When your callers are asking for times, dates, or about event details, it can be confusing and create complications and errors if the two parties are talking about different time zones.

“They are closing in an hour” can seem simple, but not if the call operator is in a different time zone. Avoid these silly mistakes by choosing a local answering service in the same time zone as your callers.

This also means your local answering service professionals will be ready for your peak hours, as well as your closing hours with our 24/7 live agents.

A Familiar Voice with Local Answering Services

There are so many colloquialisms throughout America, just think of the differences between those who say ‘pop’ or ‘soda’, ‘couch’ or ‘sofa’. Often people like speaking with others that sound like them, use similar words to them, and have the same local idioms as them.

Building trust is important with your customers, and this is just one way you can help build it.

If this makes your callers and customers more at ease, then it should be a priority for every business! Make sure you know how to speak to your customers and callers with a local answering service instead of one miles, states, or even countries away.

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