March 7, 2019

4 Forms of Answering Services for Your Small Business

Small business owner on the phone with a call center

Always Answer offers a wide range of services because we know that our clients and their businesses are varied and unique.

But what are the main forms of answering services? What are the differences? And what should you choose for your specific small business?

It seems that with more variety comes more anxiety – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of stressing over which package or services are right for your small business, let us explain all the mystery away!

After all, as a company specializing in communication if we can’t explain them, who can?

4 Forms of Answering Services for Your Needs

Though there are many variants in answering services, there are actually 4 main types. Now, of course, not every type is right for every business or industry.

But, if your business has a phone or ever deals with other entities, clients, or groups, then we can almost guarantee that one of the below four services can help streamline your workday, productivity, and time.

Don’t believe us? Let’s put it to the test:

Live Receptionist Services

A live virtual receptionist service can help to eliminate the worry of missing an important phone call, all while making a very real difference in the productivity of your small business.

For example – not only can a live virtual receptionist service help with missed calls (and therefore missed potential customers), it can also help to reduce hold times or busy signals during peak times.

Imagine how your customers will feel with no waiting, no busy signals – just a live virtual receptionist on the other end of the line every time.

This shows your customers that they are important, that their calls and their time matter to you.

That is true customer service, and that is what Always Answer offers.

Industry Specific Services, Like Emergency Dispatch Services

Whether you are an advertising agency, government agency, insurance, law, property management, or healthcare companywe’ve worked in your industry before!

This means we won’t be caught off guard for any of your needs or questions.

Do you need emergency dispatch services? We can easily accommodate, as we’ve set up seamless services for many of our clients before.

What about an after-hours script for property management or a service company? That’s right up our alley as well.

An industry specific service is just one of the many benefits you will experience when working with Always Answer because we’ve been around long enough to know how to help your unique business.

We have the experience you want, and the services you need, all wrapped up with great customer care, communication, and the knowledge to make your transition a smooth one – no matter what your industry is!

Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation Services

Do you know how much time you or your employees spend confirming and scheduling appointments? Do you know how much money you lose with each appointment who forgets to show up, or forgets to cancel?

Most clients don’t even think of these little hiccups throughout their day, but actually, all of that wasted time and all of your missed appointments add up to staggering costs!

That’s why our appointment scheduling and confirmation services are such a hit with our medical, healthcare, government, insurance, law, property management, service, and technology clients.

Frankly, this service can help with any industry who has meetings or consultations, appointments or interviews scheduled throughout their week.

Aren’t sure if your company needs scheduling and confirmation services? Try us free for a week, and see how much time, money, and frustration you save!

Employee Screening Services

If you are running a classified ad and feeling a little overwhelmed with the feedback or unqualified leads, then employee screening services are right for you!

With the use of our dynamic scripting software, we can design a call flow that will perfectly help you capture only the applicants that you truly want to work for your business. No wasted time, no wasted energy.

If an applicant meets your specified qualifications, then we will deliver their details to you for further follow-ups or interviews, or we can connect the caller to you live, right then and there.

If the applicant doesn’t meet your needs, then we will end the call with no follow-up needed from you.

Imagine all the time saved when you are already short-handed. Imagine the ease of getting a new employee without having to sift through dozens of unqualified applicants.

That’s the option that Always Answer offers with each employee screening service.

Let Always Answer Be the Answering Service for Your Small Business

If the above options could make your business run more smoothly, or make your day-to-day more efficient, then give Always Answer a call today.

We promise no wait times, busy signals, or underwhelming customer service like the other guys.

Want to try before you buy? You can do that too with our 7-day free trial!

We can’t wait to speak for you!