October 25, 2013

Contact Your Call Center with Multiple Methods

Contact Your Call Center with Multiple Methods

Call centers are no longer just about the phone. Along with phone lines, there are multiple methods agents can now be reached. This makes it easier to find help any time of the day, no matter where you are.


A phone call is one of the fastest methods to contact your call center if you need information immediately. This ensures that you can ask questions, now, and receive the answers you want. There should be no messages lost in translation that may lead to other questions, or feeling unheard.

Text Message

Sometimes, you may just need to check in or receive basic information that is not immediate. Using a text message gives you the opportunity to do this. It is not a secure method of communication, however, so other methods should be used if personal information needs to be used. A text message also gives you the chance to ask questions while in a meeting, at lunch, or doing other activities, without any interruption.


If you don’t need help for 24 hours or longer, than sending an email can be a reliable way to contact your center. This is generally the slowest form of contact, though, but allows you to use a secure transmission and have your answer in writing. At times, there may be a misunderstanding in the message that may lead to more contact being necessary.


Some people just don’t like the phone, but, by using an instant chat message, can have the same results. A chat gives customers an immediate response. It also allows computer services to be used in a way that the phone does not. For instance, an agent can direct a customer to a website by placing a link in the chat.

There are many ways that a center can be contacted so that they are always there for you. With multiple methods of contact and availability 24/7, it has never been easier.

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