November 3, 2022

Common Myths About Live Answering Services

man working on Live Answering Services in Dallas

If you ask one of your employees to answer a call, it will take them close to half an hour to re-focus after being interrupted. If you do the math, interruptions throughout the workday can add up.

The above example is just one of the many reasons people turn to professional live answering services. Many companies function okay without them, but in doing so, they miss out on some key perks.

In our latest blog below, we address some myths and misconceptions about live answering services and how they could benefit your business.

1. Employees Should Answer Your Calls

Doesn’t this sound like something out of an outdated business operations manual? Thankfully, times have changed, and employees know their rights and obligations before they accept a job. Even though this mindset is common in modern-day companies, it still isn’t as efficient (or cost-effective) as managers and HR think. 

Assuming it’s unnecessary to outsource your customer service is a huge mistake. Employees aren’t obligated to answer calls or tend to customer issues if it’s not outlined in their job description, and most employees have other work to complete anyways.

A goal-oriented business owner understands employees can’t deal with customer issues like trained professionals can.

2. Small Businesses Don’t Need a 24/7 Live Answering Service

If you believe that your small business can thrive with un-trained employees on the line — you couldn’t be more wrong. Startups make excellent use of live answering services because they are often too busy and can’t answer every call coming their way. And you know what they say about missed calls — they’re missed opportunities.

However, startups and big companies aren’t the only ones outsourcing live answering agents — small businesses do too. Luckily for the business sector, affordable live answering services deliver great results and won’t stretch your budget.

3. Live Answering Services Are Impersonal

Let’s bust that myth right now. Live answering services are live — a person at the other end of the line answers your questions and can offer solutions.

Many people are also under the impression that they won’t talk to an actual person if they contact customer support. Some believe online communication isn’t as personal as a face-to-face Q&A session.

Even though online or phone communication isn’t done in person, it doesn’t mean it’s a generic, or low-quality service. Good customer support agents excel in face-to-face and phone conversations.

4. Live Answering Services Are Too Expensive

A live answering service is indeed an investment. However, if your phone is constantly ringing, you should consider letting someone else answer it.

In the long run, you’ll save time, allowing you to focus on your long-term business goals.

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