April 22, 2017

How Can an Answering Service Help Your Small Business?

Call Center employee on a headset

To help you determine how an answering service can help your small business, first consider the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself traveling from one customer site to another, not able to take calls? When you use a phone service, all of the calls you cannot take while driving and traveling are picked up by a live person, every single time.
  • Are you working long past closing time, returning missed phone calls you were unable to take during the day? Since calls are answered live, your customers never have to worry about leaving messages. In fact, your receptionist can take care of most types of customer service calls, as well as schedule and confirm appointments.
  • Do you notice a large number of calls are coming in after hours in the evenings? Again, these calls do not go unanswered and are picked up by a live telephone operator to greet your customers, no matter what time they call.
  • Are you finding you are spending more time on the phone than taking care of other vital business tasks? Rather than be stuck on the phone, your telephone receptionist can field all of your calls for you and only route urgent calls to you, following your directives.
  • Are your phones ringing constantly on certain days or times, and you just do not have the staff available to pick up every single call? For small businesses that lack sufficient staffing levels to handle phone calls during peak times, phone services provide the right number of people to ensure no calls go missed or unanswered.Answering Service
  • Are you looking to build your reputation in your market segment and set yourself apart from the competition? A phone service can help you quickly establish a good reputation for your small business by making it easy for your customers to contact you whenever they want with both telephone and online chat options, to make your business accessible 24/7.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then your business is an ideal candidate for professional answering and call center services from an outsource provider, like us, here at Always Answer. Call us at 1-800-606-9898 now to learn how we can help you!