February 16, 2024

Call Answering Services: A Cost-Effective Way to Handle Event Calls

call answering services

You think pulling off an event is easy, right? You just have to plan the event, order the food on time, accommodate every attendee’s dietary needs, call every attendee and collect their information, send out event reminders, and… well, the list goes on.

…and it goes on for a long time. 

Events can be great opportunities to network and conduct business, but the sad reality is that they are incredibly difficult to pull off. One individual cannot do it properly because there are too many moving parts to the whole thing.

You have done it before, but you have probably wondered “There’s got to be a better way.” Well, there is a better way and it involves call answering services. This post will explain what call answering services are and how they can help you and your business.

Why Call Answering Services are Perfect for Outsourcing Event Registration

Think of call answering services as armies for hire. You can call them in to do much of the heavy lifting for an event while you get to focus on the details and planning of said event. 

Call answering services can handle work such as:

  • Answering the calls of event attendees.
  • Collecting the information of each caller.
  • Send out event date reminders

A call answering service can help you successfully navigate the event registration process.

Any event planner will tell you that the three things mentioned above are by far the most time-consuming and stressful parts of any event. The best part about call answering services isn’t just that they can handle these tasks for you, but that they have the manpower to do it in a timely manner.

Top call answering services like Always Answer have call centers spread throughout the entire United States. These call centers give them two features:

  • First, is the ability to scale and fit the needs of any organization, no matter how big the event itself or the number of attendees the event may have.
  • Second, is providing you with fluent and native English speakers. Since Always Answer’s live agents are native English speakers, you can trust that they’ll have the ability and cultural knowledge to properly address each caller.

Other Benefits of Call Answering Services

Call answering services can supply you and your business with enough live agents to handle any task you give them, and they bring many more benefits. Some of the benefits are hard to see because they depend more on perception than physical reality.

One example is how they handle each phone call. 

You may not notice it now, but you usually sound more friendly in the first calls you handle each day than in the rest of the calls that come in on a workday. This is because you have energy to spend when you start working and so the first few callers get you at your best.

As the day goes on, your energy drops and so does your patience. This is not a problem for call answering services because they have many live agents. This means you can be sure that they will handle each call in a professional and friendly way.

Greater Efficiency

Aside from the quality of how each call is handled, a call answering service can also make you much more efficient. These services are designed to handle the most time-consuming parts of your day. 

By having a call answering service on board, you have more time to plan and strategize on your next moves. This of course is true for event planning as well. 

With help from a top call answering service, you can:

  • Focus on important event matters such as catering and location scouting.
  • Be more productive on a daily basis.
  • Handle any issues that may arise during the planning process.

Those who have planned city public events will know just how crucial it is to have the time and energy to handle major issues, such as time coordination and filling out the event’s schedule.

In addition to what has been mentioned, the costs of not hiring any call answering services may be much higher than having employed one in the first place.

live answering service

Costs of Not Hiring Call Answering Services

Forgoing call answering services may cost your business too much to ignore. As we mentioned earlier:

  • Without a call answering service, call quality will keep dropping.
  • An in-person receptionist alone cannot handle the huge number of calls that an event usually brings.

Without consistent call quality, your event or business may look unprofessional and create a bad first impression. For many, an event may be their first exposure to your brand or company.

Missed calls are another issue. No in-person receptionist can handle multiple calls at once without losing quality. Missed calls mean missed opportunities, which will hurt your business in the long run.

Whether it is event registration or appointment scheduling, both will suffer without a proper call answering service. The best call answering service is a complete answering solution for your needs.

Best Call Answering Services 2024

Many call answering services can only handle the bare minimum of answering calls. But you need more than that to register people for an event successfully. That’s why Always Answer, the best call answering service, offers a complete answering solution.

Always Answer has many features that can help you:

  • Set up an event
  • Handle your daily tasks
  • Send in a custom call answering script
  • Control the conversation flow
  • Gather relevant information from each caller
  • Record and store each call for 30 days (or longer for a small fee)
  • Play back any recorded call at any time

One of these features is custom scripts. You can send your own script to Always Answer and their live agents will use it every time they answer your calls. This is ideal for events where you need specific information from each attendee.

Another feature is record calls. Always Answer will record and store every call for you at no extra cost. You can keep the calls for 30 days or longer if you pay a small fee. You can also play back any call whenever you want.

These are just some of the features that Always Answer offers you.

FAQs About Call Answering Services

Hiring a call answering service can be stressful, this is why we have answered the most commonly asked questions in regard to call answering services for you. Be sure to consider that the information provided pertains to Always Answer and not all call answering services.

Is a Call Answering Service Suitable for Small Businesses?

Call answering services are particularly beneficial for small businesses that may not have the resources for an in-house receptionist. These services offer a cost-effective solution, ensuring that every call is attended to without the need for additional staff.

How Can a Call Answering Service Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is significantly improved through a call answering service. The timely and professional handling of calls creates a positive impression on customers. Agents can provide accurate information, address queries, and offer assistance, leading to a better overall customer experience. 

How Secure Is the Information Handled by a Call Answering Service?

Security is a top priority for reputable call answering services. These providers implement robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. Encryption protocols and secure servers are commonly employed to protect data during transmission and storage. 

Call Answering Services for You

Always Answer, the top call answering service, gives you every feature you need to outsource event registration and your customer support department successfully. You still control how each call is handled with convenient features like custom scripts and recorded calls.

Transform event registration from a stressful task into a fruitful endeavor for you and your business by contacting us today. Remember, not using a call answering service can cost you more than hiring one.