September 19, 2019

Event Registration VS Appointment Scheduling: What’s the Difference?

Woman doing Event Registration on a cell phone

Always Answer offers a wide array of call center and live answering services, so it’s no wonder that sometimes our clients confuse our services or what the different parameters are.

Take Event Registration and Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation – what’s the difference? What does each do? And how can these services help your small business?

Let’s learn about these common services and their benefits together, in the latest Always Answer article.

What Are Event Registration Services?

Event registration is a service that many businesses need and use regularly. It involves handling their calls during high-volume seasons, like when registration for an event opens (or whenever your event season is).

From concerts to conferences, event registration can tie up your phone lines and your workers, preventing the everyday work from getting done, and other customers or clients from being able to get ahold of you.

With our event registration services, companies do not have to commit their personnel to taking down basic registration information for eventgoers. Instead, we step in and complete this function, making the event and your team more efficient.

We are able to sign-up and give individuals who are interested in an event the information they need in order to attend, while also gathering their information and details for your team. Our call center agents handle all event calls in a respectful and meticulous manner, making sure they receive all the vital information necessary in order to attend the event. Additionally, you can choose the questions asked, information given and taken down, and more with our custom scripts and agent trainings.

Simply tell us what information to gather, how you want to receive the registration information and what details you would like us to give the caller in return! We then take over and carry out your registration tasks with ease – letting you focus on making the event happen and your daily business duties.

What Are Appointment Scheduling Services?

Appointment scheduling and confirmation can save you time, money, and yes – even over- or under-scheduling errors.

Missed appointments are one of the biggest issues that plague many businesses, but it can be easily stopped! Unfortunately, we are all busy, and busy people sometimes lose track of their appointments and responsibilities. But missed appointments are more than just a nuisance – they cost you money.

Did you know there is a huge amount of money lost each and every year due to your clients missing or forgetting their scheduled appointments? Especially in healthcare fields, having a missed appointment is money down the drain – as well as a hassle for your patient who will have to wait for another available appointment time.

Luckily, Always Answer can help you have fewer empty appointments, or forgotten/missed scheduling gaps, by confirming appointments and even scheduling them for you and your team.

If you have an online-based appointment calendar, our telephone agents can schedule around your current availability. For medical answering services or healthcare industries, we offer appointment setting and scheduling services that are fully HIPAA compliant.

But appointment scheduling services aren’t just for healthcare, they’re for any industry which works on a time or meeting-based clock, such as:

Appointment Scheduling:

Our call agents can view your calendar and schedule appointments for your office – so you don’t have to man the phone, the waiting room, and the clients.

Appointment Confirmation:

Our courteous staff can contact your clients on your behalf to politely and correctly remind them of their scheduled appointment.

Don’t waste any more time or money waiting for a missed appointment—turn to our appointment scheduling and confirmation services to keep your office running seamlessly!

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