5 Benefits of a Dentist Answering Service for Your Practice

Using a dentist answering service, you can transform your dental practice into a responsive and efficient operation. The infrastructure and personnel provided by these services enable you to serve your patients better by:

  • Expanding the time you spend with each patient.
  • Ensuring prompt responses to every call.
  • Enhancing your reputation in the community.

Moreover, a dentist answering service offers many additional benefits. Let’s examine the most significant ones in detail.

Dentist Answering Service Benefit #1 - Organizes Your Day

The best way to look at a call center for healthcare is as a structured call management system. Unlike other similar systems, a dentist answering service won’t take long to develop or implement into your daily work schedule. The first major benefit that you’ll notice is the way these services can organize your day.

Your entire workflow will become more streamlined, which should allow you to:

  • Better organize patient consultations.
  • Fulfill different procedures.
  • Complete administrative tasks quicker

This is possible because of the increased manpower that a dentist answering service has on offer. 

When you use a dentist answering service, you’ll notice a significant increase in the available time per patient. This improvement results from the more efficient call-handling capabilities provided by the service. The trained communication specialists who work for the dentist answering service excel at handling customer inquiries.

Moreover, the service’s trained call agents can prioritize specific communications. They handle regular or non-emergency calls and promptly direct more critical calls straight to you. This ensures that any call reaching you requires immediate attention. Remember that you determine what qualifies as an emergency call and communicate that information to your dentist answering service.

Dentist Answering Service Benefit #2 - Faster Relief for Your Patients

A dentist answering service is a tool that makes your overall practice much more responsive. A responsive dental practice can also bring relief to its patients at a much more rapid rate. A dentist answering service brings faster relief to your patients by being able to provide immediate assistance to them.

Your patients and callers will receive information from trained professionals without having to wait long. This ensures that their concerns are properly addressed in a timely manner. For those in need of urgent care, a dental or hospital call center can schedule appointments for them. This should reduce overall wait times and provide faster relief.

This is a benefit that can not be overstated especially when you take into account that tooth pain, particularly that from an abscess, is considered among the worst physical pains one can experience. Even when your dental practice has closed down for the day, a dentist answering service can help your patients through dental emergencies.

The 24-hour availability of top dental answering services means that they can provide guidance and support to your callers, facilitating swift action in the process. As a whole, a dentist answering service helps you bring faster relief to your patients which should in turn reflect well on your practice.

Dentist Answering Service Benefit #3 - Automates Monotonous Tasks

A dentist answering service can make an immediate impact on your dental practice by automating monotonous tasks. These tasks, while tedious, are essential to keep your business operational.

The time-consuming nature of these tasks leads to several issues:

  • You dedicate less time to your patients.
  • You might not work at your best due to time constraints.
  • Lower-quality work could result in negative reviews and patient loss.

A dental or healthcare call center can automate many of these essential tasks. A key task is the entire appointment scheduling process. Your dentist answering service can book appointments for your callers on the dates you provide.

Moreover, these services can send out appointment reminders on your behalf, either through secure SMS or email. They can also update patient information for you, including medical history, insurance details, and contact information.

Dentist answering services’ automated systems can manage prescription refill requests from patients, streamlining the process and freeing up your staff for other tasks.

Dentist Answering Service Benefit #4 - Scalable Expansion

An often-forgotten benefit that a dentist answering service brings to your dental practice is the ability to expand your operations without severe cost overruns or resource issues. As you scale your dental practice, an answering service for dentists can easily scale to accommodate any increases in call volume and patient inquiries.

The 24-hour-a-day availability of a dentist answering service ensures that your practice can assist patients even after regular working hours. This should allow you to cater to a more broad base of clientele. 

The biggest way that a dentist answering service helps you expand your operations is through multilingual support. 

Many top dentist answering services, such as Always Answer, are capable of providing language support for many of the most used languages on the planet. This enhanced accessibility should allow you to reach entirely new communities and markets as a whole.

By being able to provide your practice with a large number of trained call agents and increasing your language support capabilities, a dentist answering service can easily scale to fit your needs and even help your practice grow by providing you with the resources required for high-level growth.

Dentist Answering Service Benefit #5 - Reduces Costs

The final benefit ties into the previously mentioned scalable expansion. We understand the various ways a dentist answering service can foster growth, but a critical point often overlooked is that business growth typically leads to increased operating expenses.

Growing businesses tend to hire more staff, leading to a substantial rise in payroll and insurance costs. However, a dentist answering service curtails these expenses by enabling operational expansion without the need to increase your in-house team.

Furthermore, employing a dentist answering service is generally more cost-effective than hiring even a single in-house receptionist. This cost efficiency comes from the service’s monthly payment plans, which are free of hidden fees. These plans also facilitate better expense tracking and help you maintain your quarterly budget.

Lastly, a dentist answering service reduces missed opportunities. With a dedicated team of trained call agents managing your calls, the chance of overlooking potential patients significantly decreases. The operational efficiency these services introduce also contributes to revenue growth.

dentist answering service agent

Best Dentist Answering Service

To provide your practice with all of the benefits that we have discussed, a dentist answering service needs to have the structure and dedicated professionals on hand. With that said, only Always Answer meets both of these requirements. 

Always Answer is known as a complete answering solution and it has been seen as such for several decades.

This service has managed to cement itself as a top dental answering service mainly due to its extensive network of call centers. These call centers are spread throughout the continental United States, with several call centers situated in key time zones. 

Each call center is staffed with dozens of trained call agents and communications professionals. 

When you integrate Always Answer into your business, you get access to their vast resources and experience. Always Answer can even provide you with several essential features for business growth including bilingual answering and custom script capabilities.

With Always Answer’s marquee custom scripts feature, you can: 

  • Dictate how each call is handled.
  • Ensure that relevant questions are being asked to your patients.
  • Ensure that your specific brand voice comes across all communication channels.

The Best Dentist Answering Service

Getting the best dentist answering service is relatively simple. 

All you have to do is contact us

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One of our trained call agents will reach out to you and help you decide what plan is best for your needs. After that, you’ll be set up with your new number which can be put to work that very same day.