May 5, 2023

Appointment Setting Services Can Help Your Moving Company

image of a scheduling book representing appointment setting services for easier booking

The moving industry is one of the largest industries in the US, employing more than 122,600 people nationwide. Running a moving company can be a lucrative business. One thing you can be sure of is that people will always move in and out of their offices and homes. Statistics show that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Approximately 27 million Americans move each year (8.4% of Americans).

While running a moving company is profitable, it also comes with several challenges. Loading a truck with stuff and transporting them from one place to another may seem like a pretty straightforward task. However, once you delve into it, you will find that many elements go into a successful move.

As with most other businesses, customer satisfaction is crucial to running a successful moving company. The industry is very competitive, and customers tend to look for services where there is better customer service. In the moving industry, a missed call or a missed appointment could mean a lost opportunity.

An answering service that also does appointment setting can help your moving company succeed with better customer communications. This can help you improve customer experience and grow your business. This article will discuss the booking challenges that moving companies face and how using an answering service or call center that can provide appointment scheduling can help solve these challenges. Keep reading to learn more.

Booking Challenges that Moving Companies Face

Running a moving company can be stressful as it comes with many challenges. For instance, you may not always have the free time to answer a client’s call or return a message, which can make them turn to your competitors. Understanding the various challenges you may encounter is a vital part of running a successful moving company.

The following are booking challenges that most moving companies face.

Lack of Customer Contact Information

Customer contact information is important for any business, including a moving company. This may include their name, email address, phone number, or company address. Having your customers’ contact information can help you provide better customer service. It also improves communication with potential customers.

Suppose you are collecting contact information from your customers. In that case, they will expect you to contact them at some point, opening up the opportunity for you to start a conversion process from lead nurturing. However, obtaining your customers’ contact information can be a challenge. Many moving companies rely on their customers to provide their contact information when booking an appointment. If a customer fails to do so, the company may not be able to reach them.

Unreliable Customer Responses

Some customers may fail to respond to appointment requests for various reasons. They might also cancel their appointments at the last minute. There are many reasons why your customers miss or cancel appointments. Whatever reason makes them do so, a last-minute appointment cancellation could mean time wasted. If your customers want to cancel their appointments, it is important that you know about the whole thing as soon as possible.

Unforeseen Delays

When moving companies give their customers a date and time of delivery, that is it! They have to stick to that timeframe no matter what. However, traffic congestion is one of the biggest challenges that a moving company can do nothing about. There can be traffic accidents on the way, and if you have a deadline, you will have a huge problem. A traffic jam can cause late deliveries, which can frustrate your customers.

As a mover, you can plan every last detail to perfection, but the weather can let you down. Weather is unpredictable, and bad things might happen when you least expect them. A truck can get stuck if there is a sudden heavy snowfall and the driver is unprepared. During such unexpected situations, there will most likely be a delay in the delivery, which can cause issues with the customer.

image of a moving truck and busy movers indicating the importance of getting help with appointment setting services

The Benefits of Appointment Setting Services

Booking an appointment with a customer indicates that they are interested enough in your business or service to actually meet with you and discuss the topic in greater detail. However, managing customer appointments in-house can be a challenge as you will be busy with other important duties. Using an answering service or call center that can also provide appointment scheduling can help you deal with this.

The following are the benefits of outsourcing appointment setting services.

Streamlining the Booking Process

A streamlined process of scheduling appointments enhances business efficiency. As a mover, you should have a highly functional appointment booking system. For a streamlined booking process, you will need to have your customers’ contact information so you can communicate with them from time to time when necessary.

If your customers fail to provide their information when booking an appointment, reaching them can be a challenge. A call center or answering service agent can ensure your company gets all the customer contact information at the time of booking so you can reach them when needed.

Better Communication

Better customer communication can help your moving company to win more potential customers and generate more revenue. It can also help you generate customer loyalty if done right. Your customers need to hear from you, whether it is through a text message or a phone call from someone on your team.

A reliable answering service or call center has qualified agents who can reach out to your customers one or two days before their appointment to confirm that they are still in need of your moving services. This ensures that there are no unfortunate surprises that might leave you without available time slots. 

Improved Customer Experience

Customers are core to any business. The success of your moving company will largely depend on how happy your customers are with your services. A happy customer will become an advocate for your business. They will promote and recommend your company to their friends. Therefore, it is important to ensure your customers have a good experience with your company.

Outsourcing appointment setting services will help you improve appointment scheduling. Call agents can also alert your customers if there are unforeseen delays, such as weather problems and traffic jams. While these problems are out of your control, you should promptly communicate with your customers. This can help you improve customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Appointment Setting Service

While an appointment setting service can benefit your moving company in many ways, choosing the right appointment setting service can be challenging. All appointment setting services are not the same. 

Here are things to consider when choosing an appointment setting service for your company.

Size of the Company

When choosing the right appointment setting service for your company, it is important to consider the size of your company. If you are a busy moving company, you will want to hire an answering service that can reach your large customer base. Therefore, it is important that the appointment setting company has a big team of qualified agents who can manage customer appointments. You will need to go for an experienced appointment setter with a good reputation. 

Additional Services

In addition to appointment scheduling, an answering service or call center can help you with many other services, such as customer service and generating leads. This will help your moving company save on costs and increase revenue. Running an in-house appointment setting center can be expensive as you will need to hire and train full-time staff. A call center or answering service that offers additional services will also ensure that your staff has enough time to focus on other crucial duties.


An appointment setting service can benefit your moving company by streamlining the booking process and providing better communication. It can also help you improve customer experience. If you need help with booking and appointment scheduling, contact us; we will be happy to help you.