April 16, 2014

How a Call Center Can Help with Appointments

If you think outsourcing phone calls to a call center is too expensive, consider one function of a call center that can quickly pay for itself. Many professionals and small businesses depend on appointments with clients for income, including financial planners, lawyers, and medical professionals. A call center can help tremendously with these if it offers an appointment desk service.

Scheduling Appointments for You

Say you’re busy working on a spreadsheet and you get an incoming call. It’s a client wanting to schedule an appointment to meet with you next week sometime. Not only does this disrupt your train of thought, but it also forces you to stop what you’re doing immediately to address the caller and find a time that works.

It creates a stressful workplace when employees are constantly interrupted. An inbound call center is built to receive calls like this and relieve you of the headache of appointment scheduling. As long as you have an online appointment calendar accessible, live agents can handle scheduling around your availability.

Reminder Calls and Confirmations

Many call centers can take it a step further than that, however. If you’re plagued by too many last-minute cancelled or forgotten appointments, you can get your call center of choice to make a reminder call to clients. This is helpful because it makes sure they don’t forget, and it reduces the potential for a mix-up. The service will easily pay for itself, if you get increased productivity, and many more billable appointments out of using it.