Always Answer: NAEO SASA’s Top Choice for Quality Calls

Can you be sure of the value and efficacy when you purchase a service or product? Unfortunately, typically, you cannot. A service’s website may display numerous vibrant powerpoints, but these do not guarantee truth. This uncertainty forces businesses to take a leap of faith when solving issues.

Businesses with tight budgets may face decision paralysis, leading to wasted time and anxiety. This is particularly true for businesses seeking to upgrade their customer support channels. You must hire a top-notch answering service, or you risk harming your reputation and client relationships.

The NAEO SASA stands as a trusted barometer for quality. In this post, we discuss how this revolutionary award distinguishes itself and introduce its latest recipient: Always Answer.

NAEO SASA: National Amtelco Equipment Owners Superior Agent Service Award

The NAEO SASA, or the “National Ametelco Equipment Owners Superior Agent Service Award,” rewards the answering service that successfully passes Naeo’s secret examination by its panel of judges. 

The secrecy ensures that competing companies remain unaware of the evaluation, preventing them from altering their normal operations for the sake of impressing the judges. This method guarantees that the assessment reflects the true, daily performance of the live agents, rather than a performance tailored for the examination.

So How Exactly Is the NAEO SASA Awarded?

The process is a long one, with test calls being placed over a six-month period. Once again, this is to ensure the authenticity of the call agents and how they handle each test call. The calls that are part of this process are recorded and then reviewed by an independent panel of judges.

These judges assess the performance of each call agent and the calls themselves, on the following merits:

  • How the call agents handle a difficult caller.
  • How the call agent handles a particular caller.
  • What the end result of each call is.

This rigorous process ensures that the winning company or service is truly deserving of the honor. With that said, let us now consider the latest winner of this award. The service is known as Always Answer and they are the only complete answering solution on the market.

How Did Always Answer Win the NAEO SASA?

Always Answer managed to win this award due to a combination of reasons but the core behind it all is the training and tools they provide their live agents. For starters, Always Answer trains its live agents on how to use the latest translation software. 

With the help from this tool, Always Answers live agents can provide language support to more than 170 different languages. This is the core of Always Answer’s bilingual answering feature. By accommodating any caller, regardless of their language preference, Always Answer was able to present itself as a reliable answering service.

This reliability was only further compounded by the additional training that Always Answer’s live agents undergo. This training includes how to handle the plethora of custom scripts that are sent in by the service’s clients. 

As a result, Always Answer’s live agents are able to handle the many dynamic factors that go into each call as well as the specific needs that each company requires.

Why You Should Only Hire an Answering Service That Won the NAEO SASA

Selecting an answering service with a NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners) Service Award (SASA) is crucial for your business. This award signifies industry excellence in call center operations and customer service.

Receiving the NAEO SASA shows a service provider’s dedication to professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Employing an answering service that has won this award guarantees you quality, efficiency, and precision in call management.

Award-winning services have established histories of fulfilling and surpassing client expectations, ensuring expert and attentive call handling. In essence, opting for a NAEO SASA-recognized answering service is a wise move that can enhance your business’s reputation, customer loyalty, and overall success.

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Benefits of Hiring an Award-Winning Answering Service

Hiring an award-winning answering service offers numerous benefits for your business. As mentioned before, these services have a proven track record of excellence, ensuring top-notch customer support and professionalism. 

Award-winning answering services also typically utilize advanced technology and best practices to streamline operations, resulting in greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In addition to that, these services often offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs, providing flexibility and scalability as your business grows. 

Partnering with an award-winning American answering service enhances your brand reputation, as customers trust businesses that prioritize quality and excellence in customer service. 

Overall, investing in an award-winning answering service is a strategic decision that can elevate your business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive long-term success.

What Always Answer, the Award-Winning Service, Offers

We’ve already gone over how Always Answer managed to become award winners but let’s now shift our focus to what else the answering solution can offer you. For starters, Always Answer not only provides live agents that can handle incoming calls at all hours of the day but the service even records each call and allows you to review them at any moment.

This means that you can judge the efficacy and training of Always Answer’s live agents without having to take anyone else’s word for it. In addition to that, Always Answer has a network of call centers that can be tapped for more than just redirecting your calls. These call centers can be used to help you reach out to your callers in new ways.

This includes developing survey questions and using them to gather information on how you can improve your services. Of course, Always Answer will take care of the hard work actually putting this survey into action, you won’t have to worry about making a single call yourself.

Get Award-Winning Answering Services

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Our agent will guide you through a seamless setup process, integrating the service with your existing operations on the same day. This simple step can transform your callers’ communication experience with your business.