January 23, 2024

After-Hours On-Call Service: What You Need to Know Before You Hire

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You always lose opportunities when you miss calls, but in today’s interconnected world, your potential leads also go straight to your competition. The solution seems simple: just pick up the phone. However, you cannot do that when you have to manage supplies, monitor expenses, and plan events.

Hiring an in-person receptionist can be expensive and time-consuming. In-person receptionists are also not scalable. You need:

  • Someone to answer your calls
  • Someone to schedule your appointments
  • Someone to provide consistent customer service
  • A scalable solution 

Hiring an after-hours on-call service is the only way to achieve that. An after-hours on-call service can help you reduce the number of missed calls. More importantly, an after-hours on-call service can offer you global solutions for complex problems.

Why Businesses Need an After-Hours On-Call Service

Businesses and fundraising centers need an after-hours on-call service because, in recent decades, every industry has become more interconnected with the rest of the world. This means that your clients, customers, and potential customers may not even be situated on your side of the planet. 

Suppose a customer of yours were to call in with a question. They could be seeking clarification on a document or perhaps need assistance using one of your products or services. Worse yet, they could be having an emergency, perhaps a plumbing or electrical emergency that requires immediate assistance.

Even if this customer were to live in the same country as you, they could be situated in a different time zone. While they are in the middle of a crisis, you could be barely rolling out of bed.

To answer the question once more, businesses – you, need an after-hours on-call service because it’s the only way to keep up with the needs of your customers and your competition.

What Features Should an After-Hours On-Call Service Have?

Now that it’s been established why your business needs an after-hours on-call service, you should consider one thing. Not all after-hours on-call services were created equal. 

That is to say, these services can vary greatly when it comes to the quality and even features that they can offer you. One way to check whether or not a service can be of use to you is if they have the following features:

Human Live Agents

Any service that builds its core around AI voice chatbots or text chatbots isn’t a service that understands what you are looking for. You need human live agents that your callers know will respond to them and actually listen to what they have to say. Prioritize services that have live agents to answer your calls.

Consistent Call Quality

Your callers expect a certain level of consistency. They don’t want to feel intimidated by calling into your office. In fact, call anxiety can potentially stop someone from not just calling in but also picking up the phone.

This results in a complete breakdown of communication and a lost client. Make sure that whatever service you hire can offer you consistent call quality.

Sufficient Manpower

The main advantage that an after-hours on-call service can offer you is its scalability. Get a service that has enough live agents or call centers to handle all of your calls. This way, the service can handle the needs of your growing business.

Any after-hours on-call service that can offer you all of the above is well ahead of its competition. Surprisingly, there is one small business answering service that can promise you all of the above and even some extra functionality that other competing services don’t offer.

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Best After-Hours On-Call Service

The best after-hours on-call service is none other than Always Answer. Always Answer is a complete answering solution that does more than just answer your phones. In fact, while Always Answer’s live agents are touted as among the best in the industry, it’s the service’s other features that have truly set it apart. 

Bilingual Answering

At Always Answer, we prioritize inclusive communication, recognizing that everyone deserves to interact in their preferred language. 

With more than 42 million Spanish speakers in the U.S., having bilingual agents becomes imperative. Spanish, being the first language for many, requires businesses to engage with potential customers in a language they are comfortable with

Texas, with the second-highest Spanish-speaking population, necessitates the adoption of bilingual agents, making Always Answer’s Bilingual Live Answering Services an ideal solution for businesses looking to become more global.

Our interconnected world emphasizes the importance of communication in customers’ native languages. Always Answer addresses this need by employing in-house English-Spanish bilingual agents. External Bilingual Live Answering Services bring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, increased diversity, access to a broader customer base, and a larger pool of new leads. 

Supporting over 170 languages with superior translation services, Always Answer breaks down language barriers, ensuring your customers are well taken care of and can communicate their needs in their preferred language. This inclusive approach not only sets businesses apart but also opens up new opportunities in a diverse and interconnected market.

Customer Surveys

Always Answer recognizes the constraints some companies face in fully executing customer loyalty or market research initiatives. Our commitment lies in saving businesses valuable time and capital and redirecting these resources to other critical areas of operation. 

We offer:

  • Tailored questions that align with your ultimate goals and help you refine your sales processes and cultivate stronger relationships
  • Customer satisfaction surveys that measure customer satisfaction levels through well-structured questions and provide a discreet platform for customers to voice their experiences anonymously
  • Personalized communications that transform the survey data into insightful graphs, charts, and printouts, facilitating informed decision-making
  • Customer loyalty surveys that surpass customer expectations for building loyalty and accommodate diverse topics, aligning with your industry and unique company characteristics

By choosing our service, you can elevate your business’s capacity to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Cost of Forgoing An After-Hours On-Call Service

Forgoing an after-hours on-call service like Always Answer has costs that go beyond money. It also affects how you compete in the fast-paced business landscape, where round-the-clock service is becoming the norm. You risk falling behind competitors if you do not embrace after-hours on-call support. Some of the costs are:

  • Reduced responsiveness to customer needs. As we mentioned earlier, customers may live in different time zones or have urgent issues outside regular business hours in a globalized market. A company without an after-hours on-call service may fail to address critical concerns quickly, causing customer dissatisfaction and possible loss of business.
  • Lost opportunities to competitors who invest in comprehensive on-call services. They can seize opportunities that come up outside regular working hours, securing new business or satisfying existing clients with immediate solutions.
  • Lowered brand perception as customers value companies that prioritize their needs and provide timely support with a legal answering service. This enhanced responsiveness boosts their loyalty and trust.

Downtime Is the Enemy

In addition to what has been mentioned, for industries where downtime translates directly to revenue loss, such as in technology or manufacturing, having an after-hours on-call service becomes imperative. 

Swift responses to technical issues or emergencies can mitigate potential financial losses, ensuring that operations continue seamlessly even during non-traditional working hours.

In conclusion, the cost of forgoing an after-hours on-call service transcends mere financial considerations. It directly impacts a company’s competitiveness in a dynamic business environment.

To stay relevant and meet the expectations of modern consumers, businesses must recognize the importance of being available and responsive beyond the confines of standard working hours. 

By embracing after-hours on-call support, companies position themselves as agile, customer-centric entities ready to navigate the challenges of a 24/7 global marketplace.

For The Best After-Hours On-Call Service in 2024

You need an after-hours on-call service to make your organization or small business a truly global entity that can seize every opportunity. And the best after-hours on-call service is Always Answer.

Only Always Answer provides your callers with a consistent calling experience, thanks to our dedicated live agents and on-call professionals. Contact us today and get a complete answering solution in minutes.