April 12, 2019

After-Hours Answering Services: Can It Help Your Customer Experience?

man on phone with after-hours answering services

After-hours answering services are one of those things that business owners often admit to needing, wanting, or benefiting from after they have it. But most businesses never even think to look into such options, and their customers and business suffer because of it.

After all, you don’t know what you don’t know, and unfortunately, many small business owners don’t know of the benefits and ease that an after-hours answering service could be providing for them.

The Benefits of After-Hours Answering Services are Clear

If your small business doesn’t currently have an answering service for your closing hours, then one of three things are most likely happening;

  • You are getting calls at all hours of the day and night
  • Your calls are going to voicemail
  • Or your calls are simply not being received at all

None of the above options are good ones for your business or your customer service. Because every call you don’t take and every message you don’t receive, is potentially a lost sale or customer.

But there is a solution and one that offers multiple benefits! After-hours answering services help you and your business save time, save money, and provide a higher caliber of customer service.

With After-Hours Answering Services, You Save Precious Time

If you are constantly on the phone during your business hours, then you aren’t running your business. And if you are constantly on the phone after your business hours, then you aren’t living your life.

Instead of burning the candle at both ends by getting up early and staying up late to answer calls, return calls, or make up for the time you lost while you were taking calls – let us take a little bit of that load off, and free up your time in return.

Answering Services Can Save You Money, Too

Maybe this seems counter-intuitive, after all, you have to pay for any answering services you decide to use, right? But then how can after-hours answering services, or any answering services, save you and your business money?

This is true in two ways;

First, you might not log your hours like you used to, especially if you are the owner, but think of all the hours of labor you could save if you weren’t on the phone constantly? Your time is valuable and, as a business owner, we are sure you have more important things to do than answer that 8:00 pm call.

Second, when you miss calls, or your business isn’t open to receive those calls, you are losing out on that business, connection, and customer – this directly costs you money, money you could be gaining if only someone had been able to take that call.

So, which do you do? Answer every call at every hour so you don’t lose valuable business – but then lose your valuable time? Or keep your time and lose the calls’ business?

Neither – you call in a professional, someone who is always there and always ready.

With Round-the-Clock Services, You Are Providing a Better Customer Experience

The first two benefits are directly for the business or business owner, but this third one affects your customers first, and then reflects back on your business.

When a customer calls and no one picks up, they are not only robbed of a good customer experience, but they might actually look at that business negatively too.

However, when a customer calls and someone answers the phone after-hours, but they are busy doing other things or not able to focus fully on the conversation, the customer can tell, and this still reflects badly on the business.

Instead of the above two options, look into the third and best option, of hiring an after-hours team to answer all your calls with their full attention, care, and customer service.

Always Answer is Your Leading Answering Service Company & We’d Love to Lighten Your Load

Always Answer offers custom-made scripts, bilingual team members, and a plethora of messaging options so you can always stay in the loop of what’s going on with your business and calls, even after-hours.

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