April 18, 2019

5 Industry-Specific Answering Services You Need to Know

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Always Answer works with a wide variety of industries who need answering services to better serve their customers, clients, or expand their reach. And though we have experience in nearly every industry, there are a few services we offer which are often industry-specific. These include:

Through active listening, engagement, and years of experience and expertise, we have developed answering services which perfectly mesh with a wide swath of industries. To learn more about our industry-specific answering services, read on.

Don’t see your industry represented? Learn more about additional industries we commonly serve on our Industries page or create your very own, unique plan from our various features.

Advertising Agency Answering Services

If you work in the advertising industry then you know that software and staffing can make or break your campaigns. Always Answer knows that advertising is a fast-paced industry and needs to be kept up with, both by your staff and ours.

That is why our answering services for advertising agencies always include reporting capabilities to keep your team in the loop with every call we make or receive. Additionally, we have many options for message delivery, additional training for our team members, and dynamic scripting available.

Dynamic scripting helps us match your expectations for how each call will be handled, as well as offer better service to every individual caller. Additionally, we often use databases to populate fields with pertinent information for repeat callers to enhance the flow, speed, and quality of our calls.

Property Management Answering Services

Whether you work with apartments, commercial buildings, HOAs, or are a real estate agent, we have been working within your industry for over three decades!

We offer leasing telephone concepts (LTC) that offer solutions to meet your call center needs. We work hard for your resident retention, reliable answering times, clear and concise messaging, and prospect surveys in order to help your own marketing expenses.

In addition to LTC, we also offer property management receptionist services, emergency dispatch services, automated upfront greetings, voicemail, and protection codes, so that you and your residents are fully covered, fully connected, and fully protected.

Have something else in mind?

Our friendly staff is happy to talk to you and learn about your unique business needs. Give us a call at 1-800-606-9898 to get started on the perfect plan for your industry.

Technology Answering Services

The technology sector has been close to Always Answer since the very beginning, and as we all know, it isn’t a matter of if something will go down, but when. This is where we can swoop in and take some of the stress away.

With our alarm monitoring and notification services, first level support, emergency dispatch, and web on-call scheduling, you’ll never be out of luck again!

We understand the urgency that is involved in disaster recoveries whether you are a web hosting service, software developer, or support consultant, which is why we are happy to customize a plan specifically for you.

We love creating streamlined strategies to best serve both our customers and yours! And we would love to get on a call to learn exactly what your needs are for your industry.

Our answering services are varied, and our features even more so. And with over 30-years of experience, we’re sure we can find a solution for your call center problems.

Healthcare Answering Services

Healthcare answering services assist a long list of healthcare professionals, such as:

  • Dentists
  • Medical testing centers
  • Family physicians
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Hospice
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical specialists

Though each of the above areas requires unique features, they all must be HIPAA compliant, which is why each and every one of Always Answer’ agents goes through comprehensive HIPAA training and signs a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their employment.

Additionally, our HIPAA compliant team offers 24-hour receptionist services for after-hours calls, appointment scheduling and check-ups, emergency dispatch services, automated upfront and prompted greetings, as well as web on-call scheduling.

We know that every client who forgets their appointment loses your office money, which is why we are able to schedule and confirm appointments for you, so you’ll never lose out on forgotten or missed appointments again.

Government Agency Answering Services

We pride ourselves on providing answering services for many municipalities and bureaus. Whether it is your water or parks department, we are happy to man the first line of calls and then dispatch the necessary calls onward, or follow unique scripts created by you.

And because we know your messages are important, we often offer call recaps to our government agency answering services, so you receive detailed messages or recordings, so you never miss a point.

We know how important accuracy and speaking with your constituents can be, which is why they should never be waiting on a busy signal, instead, use the tested services of Always Answer to show your community that you put them first and want to be available to them.

Could Your Industry Benefit from Answering Services with Always Answer?

Whether your industry was listed above, on our Industries page, or even if you are completely new, Always Answer can surely create the perfect answering service plan for you and your customers’ needs.

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