December 5, 2014

3 Ways to Capitalize on the Business Brought by Immigrants

Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and other Texas cities are seeing significant increases in immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America. All of the newcomers are potential customers — but how do you reach out and get this business? These potential customers need all kinds of goods and services: plumbers, mechanics, doctors, flower shops, clothing, and babysitting, so, whatever business you’re in, there is a market in the Hispanic community for your services. There are many ways to make your business friendly to Spanish-speaking immigrants. Here are the top three.

1. Offer Bilingual Customer Service

If you can offer Spanish answering services before your competitors, you can get in solid with your Hispanic customers and likely command significant market share. Texas-based call services often offer Spanish-speaking agents to handle your new customers who don’t speak English.

2. Include Product Documentation in Spanish

Are your product documents all printed in English? Get those translated so that Spanish speakers feel comfortable using your product. Many well-known brands are printing Spanish beside the English on their outer packaging. This proactive approach means that Spanish speakers know they can trust your products and your company.

3. Advertise on Spanish Radio and Television

Perhaps the best way to alert Spanish speaking residents of your business is to dedicate a certain portion of your advertising budget to Spanish venues like television and radio. Reaching out where they are lets them know you’re there for them.

Be forward thinking when it comes to reaching this new customer base. Taking steps to offer your goods and services to Hispanic customers means you have a larger demographic than your competitors, assuring your long term success in the industry.