December 11, 2013

Your Fort Worth Call Center Can Screen Potential Employees

When the economy slumped, the need for jobs increased. This meant placing a classified ad went from receiving 20 responses to hundreds and sometimes even thousands. It is extremely overwhelming to shuffle through the resumes to find those that meet your needs. Luckily, your Fort Worth call center can help.

Dynamic Scripting Software

Rather than opening every attachment, your call center uses dynamic scripting software. This allows you to input the qualifications your open position requires and then sorts through responses for you. When someone has the necessary skills, the software captures that individual so that you can look further into them. This saves you the hassle of reading through everyone, or worse, skipping over the person who may be the best fit.

The First Interview: Recorded or Live

When you are ready to begin interviewing, you can choose to do this live or through a recording. If you choose live, we will call the potential employee for you and then connect you when they answer. This ensures you are not wasting time scheduling and waiting for them. We can also complete the first interview for you by asking predetermined questions compiled by you. The phone call is recorded so that you can hear every response to decide who should move on.

Delivery of Information

Once you know whose information you want, your call center can send it to you. There are different methods to deliver this, such as fax, email, or a formatted report. It allows you to see the data in a way that is quick and beneficial to you.

Deciding on the best new hire is stressful enough, so let your Fort Worth call center help out. Utilizing the dynamic scripting software, handling interviews, and delivering the information you want saves you time and hassle. You can then continue business as usual and rest assured your call center has your back.