November 20, 2013

Why You Need a Trained Answering Service Representative

Some companies will hire anyone to be a call center representative. The person is put directly onto the phone lines without any training, which can be dangerous for your business. The representative won’t know how to handle difficult situations, answer questions about your business, or deal with basic customer needs. When properly trained, an answering service worker can positively impact your business.

Difficult Situations

As much as we might hope there won’t be difficult situations or people, there always are. Proper call centers put their workers in these situations during training, before they meet them head on. This gives the workers the basic skills needed to muddle through, without increasing the stress and anger of your client. When your client feels heard and responded to, their stress decreases, and they become easier to work with. It also makes it more likely they are going to return to you for business.

Choosing the Right Phrases

There are many phrases that can be used and misunderstood in certain contexts or tones. The telephone training covers the ones most often used so that workers can pick up on these over the phone to know how the customer feels. It also makes it less likely that the answering service representative will use the phrase or choose an inappropriate tone. The workers are trained to know what and how phrases can be said and understood in various contexts, so they make the right choices.


The way a person communicates via phone is different than that in email. An email does not offer any voice inflection, so it needs to be clear and concise. This keeps customers from misreading any information. Your call center worker is trained to answer both phones and emails for the best customer service.

When you decide to use an answering service, it is important to choose one that fully trains their employees. This guarantees it is a company that you can trust to interact with your customers. This interaction may be what retains customers and boosts your reputation.