January 5, 2015

What Services Should Your Business Outsource in 2015?

This coming year is expected to be a big one for business, with analysts predicting that more new businesses will start up, while those businesses that reached solid footing in 2014 are slated for significant growth and expansion. One way businesses have found to grow and prosper while keeping costs low is by outsourcing. This used to mean outsourcing overseas, but now more and more businesses realize the dangers of miscommunication and public mistrust with non-U.S. outsourcing. Here is what you should outsource to trusted U.S. firms to remain agile and strong during the expected growth of 2015.

Payroll Activities

Payroll is moving almost exclusively to direct deposit and away from printed paper checks. The online nature of today’s payroll systems leans easily to outsourcing, allowing a professional firm to handle payroll issues while your internal forces work toward better products, higher production levels, and more efficient workings.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t new, but it is a specialized skill that most business owners haven’t fully grasped yet. Agencies that specialize in social media marketing can post pictures, videos, and updates to your accounts, monitor customer interaction with your brand, and help foster deeper customer relationships, while your staff is freed from these tasks and allowed to focus on growth and prosperity.

Administrative Support

Administrative tasks like answering the phones are best left to professional call centers, which can manage your phone lines while your workers focus on more productive tasks. These agents can answer your incoming calls, as well as manage outbound calling services like customer surveys, confirming appointments, and following up with important clients. Outsourcing call services is less expensive than boosting up your own staff to handle growing call volumes, leaving those finances available for capital investments to grow the business.

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