June 27, 2014

What Can a Small Business Answering Service Do for You?

Small business owners have their hands full. They have to spend countless hours marketing their business, while still managing to run the business, without letting all those leads they generate fall through the cracks. What is the solution?

A small business answering service can free you from the time you spend answering phone calls. Better yet, this is better than using voicemail, because callers can talk to a real, live human being. Speaking to a real person means they get personal attention, even when you can’t give it to them yourself.

The benefits of selecting a small business answering service over voicemail include:

  • Having immediate service to your customers and prospective customers
  • Affording hiring a service, even if you can’t yet afford a full-time receptionist
  • Getting all of your messages instantly by text message or email, so you can handle it at your leisure
  • Not having callers hanging up and calling your competitors when you are unavailable to answer the phone

These services are invaluable to any type of small business, including real estate agents, plumbers, contractors, exterminators, tech companies, heating and air contractors, and many others. For areas like Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and others with a high percentage of Hispanic callers, bilingual small business answering service is also available.

Answering service employees are trained to answer calls specific to your business. This means they can offer basic help to callers even before you get the chance to call them back. Don’t miss any more business because you can’t sit around answering the phone. See how a call center can help grow your small business today.