June 20, 2014

What a Lawyer Answering Service Can Do for Your Practice

All those ads in the Yellow Pages, on TV, on the Internet, and on the radio cost money. Each time you miss a call that comes in from one of those ads, you’re reducing the return on that investment. Clients don’t usually wait until the next business day; they simply call one of your competitors. That’s why a lawyer answering service is your ticket to better business.

Even if you have a full-time receptionist, she has to be away sometimes for lunch, a dentist appointment, or vacation. With a lawyer answering service, you never pay for the time one of your staff is available to take the calls — you only pay for the calls that roll over when no-one answers or callers receive a busy signal.

When the live answering service takes a message from the caller, you immediately receive notification of the message via email, fax, or text message (whichever you prefer). Then you never miss a new client or an important message, no matter where you and your staff happen to be when the call comes in.

Since Spanish-speaking clients are important to lawyers in the Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas, bilingual call center services are also available. The friendly, caring staff assures that callers never wonder if they were answered by someone from your office or someone else. These employees are trained to handle all of the types of calls your office typically receives, so that no caller is left feeling like they didn’t get the answers or help they needed.

See how an answering service can meet the needs of your growing legal practice.