December 15, 2016

How a Virtual Receptionist for the Holidays Can Benefit Your Business

Virtual Receptionist

In recent years, one common trend for businesses is to shut down during the week between Christmas and New Year’s because this is one of the slowest times of years for certain industries. Just because your business is closed for the holiday season, it does not mean you have to return to find your voice mail box full.

Many small business owners outsource their call answering to a virtual receptionist over the holidays. Why? To start with, your customers may not realize you are closed and could require assistance. Depending upon their needs, they might not be able to wait until you resume operations after New Year’s Day. The last thing you want to do after relaxing over the holidays is return to hundreds of emails and voice mail messages.

With a virtual assistant handling inbound calls, they can provide assistance to your callers and help resolve certain issues. In addition, if there is something that requires your immediate attention, they can make sure you or someone you designate is alerted to the issue so it can be resolved. Other tasks your virtual assistant can help with during the holidays include:

  • General Booking
  • Monitoring Social Media Sites
  • Responding to Online Customer Inquiries
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Data Entry
  • Conducting Research
  • Preparing Presentations
  • Managing and Replying to Emails

When you return from your holiday break, you will know exactly who called and how the call was handled. In fact, you have complete control over determining what tasks and functions your virtual assistant will perform. In cases where they are just answering and fielding inbound phone calls, you only pay for the time they are actually on the phone!

Receptionist for the Holidays

Doesn’t starting the New Year off with a streamlined email inbox and a few return phone calls to make, instead of being overwhelmed to the point you spend that first entire week back at work taking care of last year’s business, sound appealing? To find out how we can help your business during the holiday season and holiday closures, call Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 now!