May 21, 2014

Top Three Jobs to Pass Along to a Virtual Receptionist

There is a place for live receptionists because they build the foundation of your business. They take messages, answer calls and e-mails, and generally ensure that your business runs like a well-oiled machine. If, however, your business needs more help than your receptionists can give, but you don’t want to hire more people, you can benefit from hiring a virtual receptionist. Check out the top three jobs you can pass along to a virtual receptionist at a call center to make life less hectic in your office.

1. Phone Calls and E-mails Around the Clock – A main reason why businesses hire virtual receptionists is to answer excess phone calls and reply to emails. Virtual receptionists from call centers can pick up slack 24/7, and you can entirely customize how the agents answer calls by supplying the necessary information to answer e-mails and take messages.

2. Appointment Confirmation and Scheduling – Another task to forward to an out of office receptionist is appointment confirmation and scheduling. This can cut down on missed and canceled appointments. It also helps ensure that your clients never encounter a busy signal or have to wait forever on hold.

3. Order Entry and Event Registration – Order entry and event registration can exhaust your receptionist resources and impact office productivity. With virtual receptionist services, however, you can efficiently handle order entry and registration without tapping into your resources too heavily.

Call centers provide your business with the support you need without having to go through the hassle of hiring extra employees. If you need an out of office receptionist to accommodate your growing business, give us a call today and inquire more about our receptionist services.

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