September 23, 2013

Top Benefits of Bilingual Call Center Agents

Call centers work to establish a connection between the customer and the answering service agent or organization. Agents are representative of the values and services offered by the specific business, which is why it is important to have individuals in place that can assist with all customer needs as efficiently as possible. With such a great diversity in customer base, it is beneficial to have bilingual agents or translation services to ensure no incoming caller is left unsatisfied. Other benefits to hiring bilingual support agents can be found below.

Reduces Call Time 

Bilingual agents will help reduce a caller’s wait time significantly, which will help increase caller satisfaction and give a good impression of the business. Employing bilingual agents will help prevent centers from needing to find another person who can understand that particular foreign language.

Increases Language Skills for Agents 

Bilingual or multilingual agents will have numerous opportunities to furnish their supplementary language skills through interactions with customers. Working at a call center provides the opportunity to practice a secondary language more frequently than they would normally, which benefits the caller, agent, and represented business.

Global Outreach 

The use of bilingual call center agents makes offering 24-hour service more attainable. With the ability to serve people from all over the world who speak different languages, there are no limitations to when a query can be resolved.

Call centers that offer more personalized communication through the employment of bilingual agents are one step ahead of others. Having more diversity and being able to meet customer”s need from across the  globe not only makes for good customer service, but it is representative of important business values.