January 20, 2014

Technical Support

While you know your call center offers services for your customers, it also has technical support for you. The top call centers use a wide array of technology to ensure that you always have high quality service available. You can relax knowing that your customers are always taken care of.


Whether emails or voice mails, it is important to know that any information left for you is secure. This is especially true with a medical call center where most data is confidential. While you may be offered one level of protection, you should ask if it could be received on multiple areas. A reputable call center should be able to secure your data through your gateway, server, and workstation.

Back Up

In case of an outage, your Fort Dallas call center is able to keep working for you. Without missing a beat, their phones, computers, power, and Internet are all backed up. Computers have both DSL and cable feeds, and the servers are backed up each night. The power has a commercial UPS system, as well as a natural gas generator. The phone lines are run from two different companies. This ensures that, even when your business doesn’t have power, it can still be run.

Simultaneous Calls

Many call centers will tell you that only a certain volume of phones can be handled. While this is true, your Fort Dallas call center can bring in more staff to handle a higher capacity, if needed. Your customers are no longer relegated to busy signals and long holds. It is also more economical for you, because you are paying only for the amount of representatives you need.

The services that your call center offers are extremely important. You need to make sure that your customers and employees are benefiting. You also, though, should ensure that quality technical support is also available. Without this, the best customer service could run into major issues.