August 8, 2014

Staying Compliant in an Increasingly Regulated World

Transportation, medical facilities, amusement venues, adult entertainment, tour buses, waste management and recycling, food, water, telecommunications — there are new regulations for industries all the time. The United States is already one of the most heavily regulated countries in the world. It pays off in terms of safety, but it’s hard for most business owners to keep up with. Here are a few tips for staying within the rules and out of trouble.

Hire a Professional Answering Service

Training employees to manage incoming and outgoing calls within industry can be expensive and challenging, especially in the most heavily regulated sectors, such as medicine, the legal profession, and insurance. A professional answering service can help you keep your calls within regulations, without going over budget on training or incurring additional liabilities.

Read Industry Trade Journals

Magazines may have moved online, but they still exist and are still a valuable resource for industry news. Subscribe to a few industry journals in your news feed and check in on the most relevant industry blogs at least once per week. New industry regulations make big news, and there are almost always lots of commentary and editorial viewpoints, so you can learn how it’s affecting other businesses, as well as your own.

Attend Industry Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conferences are a rich resource for learning about potential regulations coming down the pipeline before they impact your business. If attending in person isn’t in the budget or schedule, you can almost always live stream them or view a podcast of the keynote speakers and important news from the conferences, later. Some are available live as the event unfolds.

Staying on top of new regulations keeps you out of hot water, so you aren’t jeopardizing profits by risking unnecessary fines or citations that could harm your business and its reputation.