February 9, 2024

Evolving Your Company With a Small Business Live Answering Service

Company With a Small Business Live Answering Service

How much paperwork do you handle in a day? If you don’t have a solid answer, that’s understandable. The point is, that the administrative tasks of running a small business are enough to occupy your entire day and when you are on a tight budget, simply hiring a couple of workers to help you out isn’t exactly feasible.

It’s this very scenario where most small businesses stagnate, where they reach a point past which they can no longer grow. If you can’t figure out how to break free of this vicious loop of being too busy to expand your business and too low on funds to hire an employee, it’s because you aren’t considering all your options.

The truth is, there is one tool/service that specializes in freeing up your time. It’s called a small business live answering service and it can bring you many important benefits.

Small Business Live Answering Service Benefits

A small business live answering service is a service that specializes in handling your phone calls and customer support. This includes calls of all kinds including potential customers calling in to find out more information about a service you offer and existing customers calling about an upcoming appointment.

By handling your calls and customer inquiries, a small business live answering service frees up your time to handle more important tasks. These tasks could include the aforementioned paperwork and billing issues. 

Aside from automating your customer support and interactions, the best small business answering service gives you the following benefits:

No Missed Calls

A small business live answering service eliminates missed calls. That’s the crux of it. A proper service ensures that no call goes to voicemail. Every caller can speak with someone who can answer their questions.

Consistent Call Quality

Speaking of customer and caller expectations, another great benefit that a small business live answering service gives you is consistent call quality. Customers love nothing more than consistency, it’s why fast-food restaurants have become as ubiquitous as they are today. An answering service has the trained staff and manpower to handle each call with care.

Scalable Solution

The aforementioned manpower of a small business answering service is a benefit of the service itself. You see, top-quality answering services can help you even as your business grows. This is because they will have the call centers and staff to handle as many calls as possible, giving you one less thing to worry about.

More Than Just Calls

A small business answering service is about more than just answering your phone calls. When used properly, these services can absolutely transform how you run your business. They can expand client outreach and interactions, helping you build rapport with new and existing customers.

They also allow you to do things that simply would not be possible without a small business live answering service. Let’s discuss the possibilities that open up to you when you employ one of these services.

What You Can Do with a Small Business Live Answering Service

Administrative duties can take up a lot of your time and energy. If you also have to answer the phone and attend to customer needs, you might not be able to complete those tasks. You and your team might feel overwhelmed and stressed.

A small business live answering service can help you with that. It can automate a large part of your customer support and outreach duties. It can free up your time. You can spend your entire day handling important paperwork and administrative tasks without interruption.

Imagine how much you could achieve without interruptions. You could finish important paperwork and develop a broader strategy for your business to grow. You could interview potential new hires and ensure that you get the right person for the job. These are just some of the benefits of hiring a small business live answering service.

Not all answering services are the same. 

You shuld look for a small business live answering service that has certain features and excellent qualities of customer service. You want an answering service that is reliable, professional, and friendly. You want an answering service that can handle different types of calls and requests. You want an answering service that can represent your brand and values.

Top Features a Small Business Live Answering Service Should Have

A small business live answering service needs to give you a winning edge. The first part of this is done by automating the most time-consuming and monotonous tasks of your workday. The second part of this objective is done by offering you a specific set of core features.

These core features are ones that simply wouldn’t be possible to get from any other alternative. Whether that be hiring an additional worker or simply handling it yourself. It’s important to remember that key point. 

The following are features that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

24/7 Availability

Being available 24 hours a day and seven days a week should be a non-starter for an answering service. Customer inquiries are not confined to a specific time frame, demanding perpetual accessibility for effective engagement.

This ensures that your business remains responsive and reachable, regardless of the time. With this feature, a top service like Always Answer sets itself apart, recognizing the non-negotiable nature of constant availability in today’s dynamic business landscape.

small business live answering service agent

Multiple Call Centers

The incorporation of multiple call centers elevates the reliability and scalability of the service. 

Geographically dispersed call centers enable the seamless handling of varying call volumes, efficient distribution of workloads, and uninterrupted support during peak times or emergencies. This feature enhances the service’s overall efficiency and responsiveness, contributing to a superior customer experience.

Bilingual Answering

In an increasingly diverse business environment, bilingual answering emerges as a pivotal feature. The proficiency of operators in multiple languages ensures effective communication, resonating with a broader audience.

This multicultural competence is paramount for businesses aiming to connect authentically with a diverse customer base. Always Answer stands out by prioritizing bilingual answering, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and effective communication strategies.

The three features we just outlined are what any top-quality live answering service should offer you. Oddly enough, there is only one call center service provider that drives growth because they offer the features we just went over.

This top small business live answering service is an industry leader and they’ve remained a leader for decades now. The service is Always Answer and they’ve got the staff and capabilities to live up to their name.

Best Small Business Live Answering Service

Aside from the core features we just went over, Always Answer has plenty of supplemental features that your business can benefit from. One of the features is their customer surveys. With customer surveys, Always Answer takes on the role of your assistant, helping you devise a set of questions that will then be taken by the service’s live agents.

These live agents will begin calling your existing clients and customers, asking them the survey questions. All information gathered from these calls will then be sent directly to you via a method of your choice. These methods of communication and transportation include email, fax, and text.

Keep in mind that this holds true for all information gathered from any phone call. You can fully expect all call information to be forwarded to you at your leisure. 

Always Answer’s Domain Expansion

Always Answer has expanded past the domain of regular customer service. It’s all thanks to their top feature known as custom scripts. When you activate custom scripts, you can develop your own script, filled with questions tailor-made for your business, and then send that script over to Always Answer.

Always Answer’s live agents will begin putting your custom script into action. Asking your callers the questions that you want answered, gathering only information that you have deemed potentially useful to your business, your livelihood, and your growth.

As mentioned earlier, all information gathered will be sent to you via a communication method of your choice and when you desire.

How to Get the Best Small Business Live Answering Service

Always Answer is the best small business live answering service. It not only has the trained staff that will ensure that your callers are treated with respect but the service even has plenty of features designed to help your business grow. This is why it’s known as the “complete answering solution”.

With that said, there’s only one way to get Always Answer and that’s to contact us! All it takes is a couple of minutes to completely overhaul your customer support capabilities and free up your time to focus on more important tasks.