April 14, 2014

Should Your Business Use an Answering Service?

If your business should use an answering service, it’s helpful to understand just what an answering service is, as well as what it can provide. In a nutshell, an answering service takes care of incoming calls for your business. Instead of having to handle it yourself, you can pass the calls along to a hired third party. This offers each customer a professional experience while freeing your resources.

A More Professional Experience

If you’re a busy professional with your potential clients and customers only reaching your voice mail the majority of the time, you’re definitely losing business. After all, many people who call you are just prospects. If they don’t get someone on the phone the first time they call, they might not be motivated to call again. Even motivated customers get annoyed if they can’t get a hold of you or get their questions answered.

An answering service is handy because it forwards the incoming call to a live agent when you can’t answer. Instead of getting only voice mail, an endlessly ringing phone, or a busy signal, your customers have a live professional to talk to. The agent can answer questions, schedule an appointment, place an order for a product, and anything else needed.

Frees Up Resources

The other main reason to use answering services is because it frees up the resources of you and your employees. As your business grows, it’ll become more and more time consuming to constantly answer the phone. If you want to avoid the distraction and focus on more important business tasks, an answering service is the way to go.