June 22, 2020

Safety Features of Virtual Receptionists

man on the phone with Safety Features of Virtual Receptionists

Call centers handle a large amount of confidential customer data regardless of what industry you are in. From helping customers with technical support to processing orders by phone, even medical answering services, or scheduling appointments, your virtual receptionist needs to operate with safety and data confidentiality first and foremost in their mind.

Because of access to sensitive data, virtual receptionists and answering service companies are prime targets for fraud and online attacks. Luckily, Always Answer takes safety, security, and our supporting features seriously!

Safety Features of Always Answer

First, let’s start from the very beginning: when you call about your account, you are verified by your account number, phone number, full name on your account, and your unique security questions. This means we aren’t giving your information out to non-account holders and your personal security is safe with Always Answer.

HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Receptionists & Answering Services

We understand that specific industries have specific needs for safety and security, such as HIPAA laws for healthcare or medical answering services. We align daily procedures to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Always Answer understands the importance of protecting patient information and we take the same care with your caller’s data as we do with your own information.

Every Always Answer agent goes through comprehensive HIPAA training and signs a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their employment with us, ensuring that we and you are HIPAA compliant. Additional security measures are also put into place, ranging from building access to workstation logins. We back our agents with various security measures to ensure that the information on each and every patient is locked and protected.

Worry-Free Safety from Always Answer

Imagine worry-free sales controlled by you, information that is safe, scheduling that is secure, and always having someone you trust on the other end of your phone calls. Always Answer offers comprehensive call answering solutions for any industry that involves caller or business information.

Once we implement your company’s customized communications package, our highly-trained staff of call experts will provide a secure and consistent way for your company to meet the demand of high call volumes. This leaves you free to focus on your business with the peace of mind you deserve.

Virtual Receptionist Safety Features

24-7 Live Service

Let your clients know you are always there for them in an emergency, the middle of the night, or on weekends. With live virtual receptionists and agents provided by Always Answer, you are letting your customers know that their call matters and their safety is important.

Call Recording

Do you need your patched calls recorded? Our agents will screen your calls per your instructions, connect the caller to you, and drop off the line, making sure your time and your security are paramount.

Email, Text, & Fax Delivery

Does your management team need to stay in the loop of calls received after-hours? We can email multiple users a recap of all messages so you can stay on top of your business and never miss important information. Security isn’t just about keeping information private, it’s about knowing when to share it as well.


Our voicemail offers convenience and ease of use. Receive immediate notifications via email, text, or pager when a secure message has been received, put in your password and receive your message.

Online Account Access

The internet has proven to be a powerful communications platform that can be found practically anywhere you are. Always Answer is proud to offer a diverse set of online tools to make you more efficient.

Web On-Call Schedule

With two different levels of access, Web On-Call Schedule allows everyone on your team to view who is on call but still provides a selected few to access making the needed changes. Multiple levels of security and access make your scheduling smoother!

Live Call Transfer

If you prefer the personal touch of a live person on the other end, then Always Answer is your answer! We can transfer calls with our live virtual receptionist directly to the end user – now, that’s privacy!

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Our service enabled by cutting-edge technology has built Always Answer into a platform by which small business owners can win business with memorable first impressions!

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