April 7, 2022

Why Big Companies Outsource…& You Should Too

Companies Outsource on a MacBook

Outsourcing continues to be a highly utilized tool among US companies. In fact, around 68% of US consumer product businesses outsource some of their workforce. Though outsourcing was seen as something used exclusively by large enterprises in its earliest years, it’s now commonly utilized by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to gain an edge over their competition.

Always Answer has consistently provided companies of all sizes the outsourcing solutions they need, from employee screening services to live call answering. Our many success stories include SMBs that have seen a marked improvement in their business processes and a reduction in costs thanks to outsourcing.

How Outsourcing Provides an Edge

Even a small business can get a prominent digital presence

Social media marketing, customer support through social media messaging apps, and more are part of what helps gives a small business a more significant digital brand presence. Through outsourced digital marketing, small businesses don’t need to hire a large in-house marketing and PR team to expand their reach.

The virtual staff can post on social media for them and answer questions from customers. With even just these two services, a company can significantly improve its brand presence and the customer’s perception of the company as one that cares about communication and timely resolution.

Cost-saving solutions

Larger companies have the capital to staff large teams and fully equip offices. They can maintain larger properties as well as manage logistics. Typically, SMBs can’t afford to dip into their capital for such expansions, especially when they’re just starting out.

Outsourcing provides an SMB with talented, trained staff who have the same skills as those employed by big enterprises. Also, the SMB won’t have to worry about providing them with equipment or office space. They can perform their jobs using their own computers and devices, and they can do so from nearly anywhere. 

This is why many big companies, despite having the means to spend on in-house teams, offices, and equipment, opt to outsource some of their workforce. It saves them money, and they can utilize the savings to grow their business.

Access to talented individuals with specialized skills

Big companies also outsource their hiring. Sometimes there’s simply no time to go through the recruitment process—posting job listings, filtering applications, holding interviews, and other tasks related to finding and hiring the right talent takes too much time and resources.

With outsourcing, a whole team has already been screened for their unique talents and hired by the outsourcing company. They’re ready to go and perform as needed for the company. A small company benefits from the arrangement as it enables them to tap into talent pools that they may have difficulty hiring on their own.

Reduces processing time

Many of the tasks given to outsourced personnel are repetitive duties such as answering emails and calls, scheduling appointments, and answering customer queries. A small business wouldn’t have as much time to devote to these ever-increasing concerns as the primary goal is to grow the business. 

A small business can have a dedicated team to handle these concerns through outsourcing, just as a larger company would. It ultimately saves them time and money and allows them to dedicate their time to the business.

Empowering Organizations

With all the benefits of outsourcing, a small business has the same advantages as a larger company and more room to grow. While large businesses outsource to save time and money that can go back into their business, small businesses can use this as an opportunity to expand the team and gain access to talents and services that they might otherwise not afford.

Always Answer has numerous outsourced services and a large pool of talented professionals ready to perform as needed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or see our available virtual services.