September 17, 2020

Real Estate Answering Service Features

man on his phone looking at Real Estate Answering Service Features

Our real estate answering services don’t just make your property management or real estate office run smoother, it makes your customers’ and renters’ experience enormously better as well! We offer all the live answering solutions your real estate company needs, without all the confusion and runaround!

Our Property Management & Real Estate Answering Service History

Always Answer has over 30+ years of experience handling your customers’ call needs! Plus, we have specialized experience and features in the following real estate and property management categories:

  • Apartment Communities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • HOA Management
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Real Estate Agents

We pride ourselves on always making sure that our real estate answering services give you the ease you want, the price you want, and the customer care your callers and renters need! We believe in taking care of our customers personally, and we have earned a reputation as a client-centered real estate answering service company where our customers and their callers, come first, every time!

We help your business grow with our specialized services and individualized plans:

  • Resident retention is our top priority. Our property management and real estate answering service agents take the extra step with your callers to ensure they feel cared for and valued.
  • Our agents provide quick and reliable answering times for your residents, renters, or callers – so they never have to wait again!
  • We help save your business time and money by asking the right questions for work orders and taking complete messages from potential new tenants or buyers. Don’t miss a lead because you couldn’t get to the phone – utilize our 24/7 services instead.
  • We understand the nature of a major emergency such as a flood or fire. Our agents act swiftly to reach on-site staff immediately, which can help you avoid undue costs and lower stress for both you and your residents in the aftermath of a disaster or emergency.
  • After dispatching, our agents will call your residents back to give them a status update on their call. We will tell the resident who they can expect and at what time so they are not left wondering about their call or their work order – this helps raise satisfaction and accountability.
  • We help entice potential prospects by giving starting rates, features, amenities, and general information to retain the caller’s interest. We work as an extension of your team – just tell us the information you would like us to share with your callers.
  • In addition, we ask your callers and prospects how they heard about your property in order to help you understand your leads and allocate your marketing expenses to areas that have the best return on investment for you.

Our Promise to Your Property Management or Real Estate Team

  • We make sure you get your messages (emailed, faxed, or texted) in a timely manner anytime your phones are forwarded to us during business hours. Want messages after-hours? We can work out a system for that as well!
  • Our staff is an extension of your office and we work as a team to provide the best property management or real estate answering services to you. Because we believe that we succeed when you, our clients, do!
  • We will not release phone numbers or last names of staff to your callers, making sure you are fully protected and can retain your personal privacy.
  • We take extra steps to ensure that your staff feels safe if tending to a late-night call – because we’re always there for them!

Choose a Real Estate Answering Service That’s Right for You & Your Callers! Choose Always Answer!

Our 24-hour real estate answering services are exactly what you need to keep your residents or buyers happy! And we know that the happier your tenants or clients are, the better your business will run, and the larger it will grow!

Contact Always Answer today to learn more about our real estate answering services and how they can help your business!