December 15, 2023

Quickly Handle Emergencies With an Electrician Answering Service

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As an electrician, you might enjoy your lunch one minute and spring into action the next. However, preparing to tackle any emergency that comes your way isn’t easy when heavy technical work demands your focus.

Now picture this: you’re identifying the source of an electrical fire and isolating affected circuits, all while the clock ticks away. Your phone rings; can you afford to pick it up? What if it’s another grave emergency?

Consider a scenario where a storm has toppled power lines, and a nearby hospice now depends solely on its generator.

As an electrician, you must manage these situations, which is why an electrician answering service should be part of your toolkit. An electrician answering service can be instrumental in helping you deal with emergencies.

Improving Response Efficiency with an Electrician Answering Service

When it comes to emergencies, remember this: The quicker you address an emergency, the better the results. This holds particularly true for electrical emergencies. Electrical emergencies pose a danger, even when they don’t immediately threaten anyone’s health.

Consider this: a power outage can disrupt the lives of those dependent on home emergency or life support equipment. And it’s not just about health; without electricity, there’s no heat.

Let’s look at other potential issues:

  • Fresh food spoils, and products go to waste.
  • Walls suffer damage from built-up moisture.
  • Electrical appliances and gadgets break down.
  • Carpets and floors get ruined by temperature swings.

In some regions, indoor temperatures can plummet so rapidly that working conditions become unbearable, and homes turn inhospitable.

These scenarios highlight just a few of the problems that a contractor answering service tackles. In these moments, a proactive electrician, backed by an electrician answering service, can truly make a difference.

Disaster Avoided

The number one factor that customers consider when rating a business or service is response time. That is according to several Statista surveys carried out in 2022, throughout the U.S. 

By integrating an electrical answering service into your workflow, you are positioning yourself to respond faster and with greater accuracy. Not only will your increased response time help you serve your callers better but it’ll also allow you to service more callers. 

Since this means an increase in revenue and earnings, hiring an electrical answering service is a great way to increase your business and set appointments.

However, despite these obvious benefits, you might be wondering how a bunch of automated call-answering services can possibly be any different from just setting up your own voicemail. 

The answer is that they aren’t any different but the best electrician answering service doesn’t use automated AI or voicemail to answer your calls. The best service uses live agents that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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What’s the Best Electrician Answering Service?

Always Answer stands out as the premier service for electricians and plumbers today. They’ve earned this reputation by focusing on a key feature: while competitors opted for automated call-answering systems, Always Answer invested in recruiting and training a dedicated team of live agents.

These agents stand ready to assist 24/7.

And that’s not all; they also:

  • Implement custom call scripts with precision.
  • Utilize cutting-edge translation software to offer support in over 170 languages.
  • Greet every caller warmly and answer without delay.

Yet, the skilled team at Always Answer is just the beginning of what this service can provide. Their innovative pay structure is another aspect where they’ve made significant advancements.

Electrician Answering Service Features

For most electrician answering services, you have to pay for the entire time that you have one of these services employed. The problem arises whenever heavy downtime presents itself. Unfortunately, as a result of this pay structure, even if there are no calls coming in, you’ll still have to fully pay for the entire service.

Frankly, it’s ridiculous to pay for something that you aren’t using, and Always Answer agrees. This is why they’ve tweaked their pay structure in such a way that you only pay for the time that you use it. 

That is to say, with Always Answer, you only pay every time a call is answered. You don’t pay for any unanswered calls or downtime. This is only the start of what Always Answer offers.

Recorded Calls

Always Answer has a recorded calls feature that automatically records each call answered by one of their live agents. These calls are then stored for 30 days and can be reviewed by you whenever you want.

You can listen back to your calls in order to:

  • Gain further insight in case the notes from our live agents didn’t provide enough information.
  • Gauge the quality of how each call is being answered.
  • Quickly get what you need from every call without worrying about responding.

If you wish to have your calls stored for more than 30 days then you can always subscribe to the extended recorded calls option. With this option activated, the recorded calls will be available to you for several months more.

Live Call Transfers

Live call transfer is yet another stellar feature that Always Answers offers. This feature can be activated in one of two ways. You can either listen in on a call and decide to take over whenever you deem it necessary or you could instruct the live agent to immediately forward a call from you if it comes from a certain number.

This comes in handy when there is an emergency or situation that you personally have to stay on top of. Live call transfers are seamless and occur without any delay or downtime.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency dispatch is a feature that no other electrician answering service has matched in terms of quality and reception. Always Answer’s emergency dispatch feature allows you to create protocols that Always Answer’s live agents must follow so that they can handle emergency situations. 

The live agents can deliver messages to you in a number of ways including through text, phone calls, emails, and even fax machines. The custom protocols you set will instruct the live agents on what information to gather from each call and how to handle the situation, including who to contact.

FAQs About Electrician Answering Service

Any answering service, including an electrician or restaurant answering service, is multifaceted. It has to be if it wants to be able to properly service your business and the electricians you may employ. 

However, as we’ve seen already, uniformity is not exactly common when comparing the best electrician answering service with the rest. This is why we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions below, to help you figure out what you can get out of such a service.

How Does an Electrician Phone Answering Service Work?

When a call comes in, it is directed to the electrician answering service. Trained operators or virtual receptionists answer the call using a customized script provided by the electrician

They can schedule appointments, provide information, and forward urgent matters to on-call electricians. The service operates 24/7, ensuring that calls are handled even during non-business hours.

Can the Electrician Phone Answering Service Handle Emergency Calls?

Yes, many electrician answering services are equipped to handle emergency calls. They follow specific protocols to identify urgent matters and promptly alert on-call electricians. This ensures that emergency situations are addressed swiftly, providing peace of mind to both electricians and their clients.

How Customizable Are Electrician Answering Services?

Electrician answering services like Always Answer are highly customizable. Electricians can provide specific instructions, scripts, and protocols to tailor the service to their unique needs

Customization options include call scripts, appointment scheduling procedures, call escalation processes, and the ability to integrate with the electrician’s scheduling software or CRM system for seamless operations.

Prepare for Uncertainty With an Electrician Answering Service

An electrician answering service boosts your call handling capabilities and accelerates emergency response without straining your budget. Always Answer provides a comprehensive array of answering service features and call center solutions that grow with your business and adapt to seasonal changes.

Reach out to us to fortify your business against the ever-changing demands of our world. Click here if you want to explore the trade services features that Always Answer provides.