September 22, 2022

Product Support in a Contactless World

Product Support in a Contactless World

The call center market made a revenue of $27.1 billion in 2022 and is deemed to rise to $55.5 billion by 2029. The COVID-19 pandemic highly influenced this rise, considering that the imposed new rules made everyone alter their normal lives. Even now, the post-pandemic world is changing all aspects of our personal and business lives. 

Companies must redefine their customer services by combining humans and AI and improving customer experience. The evolving trends impose contactless shopping, payments, and deliveries, among many other online activities. 

But there are benefits and risks for a business going contactless, and this article will cover the most important ones.

Benefits of Contactless Customer Support

If we learned one thing during the pandemic is that businesses can be very creative in targeting and engaging customers online and providing them with quality experience and support. 

From furniture companies offering customers to use showrooms and see how furniture pieces fit in their living space to beauty brands offering apps for customers to virtually try out makeup before buying it. The innovative use of digital channels is endless.

Care for Customers and Employees

The first rule in every business is to always take care of your customers and employees. Offering contactless services will make everyone feel safe and build trust. Plus, it would ease everyone’s jobs. 

Endless Possibilities of Technology

Companies have started combining physical and digital to offer the best possible customer support. Conversational AI assistants are spreading while others are going for human interaction with virtual assistants. Some choose to combine the conversational with the visual to offer a new level of experience.

Virtual Assistants Measure Customer Satisfaction

Businesses collect customer data to personalize their experiences online and offer them a smooth experience. Companies that use virtual assistants can highly benefit from this contactless interaction. 

Virtual assistants are on the front by providing customer support and gathering information about customer satisfaction or key operational weak points. Companies can use the feedback to improve their work further on.

Risks of Contactless Customer Support

With the increase in online interaction, “at-home” consumption is expected to become a $3 trillion market by 2025. As much as going contactless has made everyone’s life simpler and easier, there are always potential risks waiting around the corner.

Adapt to a Fast-changing Environment

Having an e-commerce business means understanding and adapting your business to trends. Customers will not go for companies set on staying behind and not doing anything to improve customer experience and support. 

AI technology has the potential to transform customer interaction, but if not implemented correctly, it can be harmful.

Keep Customers Safe

A contactless world opens many issues of security, both personal and financial. Ensure the personal and financial data collected from customers is secure and cannot be misused. Use the latest technology to ensure safe and secure digital payments and storage of personal data


The contactless world we live in today offers lots of advantages that businesses can implement. When making their strategies of targeting and engaging customers, they also need to consider the potential risk factors that may affect them.

Combining the physical and digital worlds is an excellent blend for success. Always Answer offers customer support and live answering services that will provide a smooth experience.

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