March 16, 2020

The Many Features of Always Answer

call features on a cell phone from Always Answer

Did you know that Always Answer has been U.S. owned and operated since 1975? Or that we offer fast, easy setup? How about 24/7 service powered by real, live people?

Always Answer has many features that we would love to share with you – from bilingual agents to call recording, we have all the live answering features that your small business needs!

  • 24/7 Live Answering Services
  • Bilingual Agents
  • Call Recording
  • Email, Text, Fax Delivery
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Voicemail
  • Online Account Access
  • Web On-Call Scheduling
  • Live Call Transfers

Learn more about each feature below!

24/7 Live Service

Let your clients know that you are always there for them with 24/7 answering service, and not a computer or machine, but a real, live person. With live agents provided by Always Answer, you are letting your customers know that their call matters and that they are important.

Bilingual Agents

Always Answer is committed to helping your clients communicate in the manner in which they are most comfortable! With the growing trends of diversity and over 41 million American’s speaking Spanish, Always Answer wants to always stay ahead of the game and offer your business the in-house English-Spanish bilingual agents your business needs.

Toll Free Numbers

Always Answer offers toll free numbers so we can receive calls from anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. We offer a range of numbers ready for immediate use to keep all setup easy and fast for our answering services.

Call Recording

Do you need your patched calls recorded? Chances are, there will be a time where you need call recording for training purposes, quality assurance, or delivery. Make sure you have call recording you can trust with this feature from Always Answer. Our agents will screen the call per your instructions, connect the caller to you and drop off the line.

Online Account Access

The internet is a powerful communication tool and platform which can be accessed practically anywhere! This means that having online tools and access can streamline your business processes and make your work run more efficiently. Always Answer is proud to offer a diverse set of online tools to make your business more efficient – and to allow for easy access from anywhere!

Web On-Call Schedule

We offer two different levels of access, and with our Web On-Call Schedule, you can allow everyone on your team to view who is on-call while still providing a selected few with access to make changes. This streamlines your scheduling while providing access and viewing to all, making your business run better!

Live Call Transfer

If you (and your callers) prefer the personal touch of a live, pleasant person on the other end of the phone, then Always Answer is your answer! We offer live call transfers to help screen your calls and give your callers access to you when they need it most.

Email, Text, & Fax Delivery

Many management teams need to stay in the loop even after hours – but you can’t possibly answer your phones at all hours! That is when our email, text, and fax delivery feature is indispensable. We will email, text, or fax multiple users, or just one, a full recap of all messages so you can stay on top of your business at any hour, even if you have already gone home.


Always Answer’ voicemail can give you both convenience and ease of use! You will receive near real-time notifications via email, text, or pager messages when a voicemail or message has been received. Just another way that we always keep you in touch with your work, clients, and callers!

Contact Always Answer to Get All the Special Features for Your Answering Service

If you are looking for special features for your new answering service, then contact Always Answer and take advantage of the above features (and more)! We look forward to speaking with you and helping your business run even better!

We’re here, always on, and ready whenever you need us. Contact us today for a 7-day free trial or to learn more about our live answering services from one of our friendly agents.