October 10, 2014

Making Your Small Business Shine like the Big Boys

Do you worry that your competitors outshine you with those big, fat budgets they have to work with? Staying competitive doesn’t mean being a huge organization, but it does require you to look savvy and professional. People notice your image, and choose to do business with you (or not to) based on how you appear. Here’s how to look like one of the big guys, even when you’re a little fish.

Invest in Good-Looking Stationery 

The things you mail are a direct reflection of your business. This includes bills and invoices, flyers, business cards, brochures, and all other business literature. Have these professionally designed and printed so they are something you’re proud to mail out. Also, make sure your business stationery uses the same color schemes, logo, and graphics people associate with your website, fleet vehicles, and other public images.

Put Up Quality Signage 

Businesses can often get by in the lower-rent districts, so long as they have good signage to let people know they’re there and make the business look reputable. Get the best signs you can afford and place them prominently outside your business. In addition to a sign out front, get professional lettering for the doors, and keep letters and lighting well maintained.

Get a Virtual Receptionist 

Do your callers get 100 percent of your attention and goodwill, or are you often too rushed to put on a friendly voice? Worse yet, are you missing valuable calls because you’re busy or out of the office? A virtual receptionist is ideal for you, allowing you to make use of professional, 24/7 call answering, without having to hire someone to sit at the front desk.

With these techniques, your business will look as professional and successful as any of your deep-pocketed competitors.

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