November 26, 2014

Learning to Run the City’s Best Alterations Shop

From work pants to prom dresses, everyone needs a good seamstress from time to time. A good alterations shop can become the centerpiece of a thriving community. How can you become the best in town? Here are a few pointers you can use from the day you open shop until you’re celebrating your 50th year in business.

Offer Better Quality, Not Lower Prices 

People are willing to pay for great work, but they aren’t willing to pay anything for poor workmanship. Instead of trying to beat your competitors in price, offer customers top notch customer service and superior craftsmanship, whether you’re hemming a pair of pants or sewing an elaborate wedding dress from scratch. People love to share their good experiences with alterations shops with others, so be sure to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts so that people can tout your services for you. Just remember — a price for quality is not the same thing as price gouging. Keep it competitive.

Invest in the Help You Need 

A busy shop means less time for answering the phone, yet those calls are the backbone of your business. You can enlist the help of a business answering service, which can handle those customer calls with professionalism and ease, while you focus on getting the productive work done. This way, you never lose customers because you can’t get to the phone.

Offer Customer Loyalty Programs 

Offering even a small discount for repeat business is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. Some alterations shops offer incentives like 10 percent off for multiple items, or a 20 percent discount on the 5th or 10th alterations job. Just make sure the incentive is worth coming back to get.

By offering your customers the very best work and incentives to come back for more, you can be the most profitable shop in town in no time.