January 17, 2019

New Year Knowledge: What is a Virtual Receptionist Service?

Virtual Receptionist Dial Pad

Your company shouldn’t ever have to miss a call, but what about when you are closed or when there just aren’t enough people to answer phones and help your customers at the same time?

How do you choose between future and potential customers on the phones, and the current customers in your business right now?

The days of choosing are behind you with a virtual receptionist service! And the days of missing calls or letting them go to voicemail until you can answer it later are in the past as well with Personalized Communication’s call centers and answering services in Dallas and beyond.

Virtual Receptionist Services Explained

A live virtual receptionist service can make a very real difference in the productivity of your business.

Essentially, it is like having additional employees off-site, who’s only job is to answer your phones professionally, quickly and knowledgably.

That means no more missed calls, no more busy signals, and no more dropped calls during busy times.

And virtual receptionist services aren’t just for your customers, they can help your employees and team too!

Let us be the voice of your business, so you can get back to running it! If you want to learn more, see our four perks of using a virtual receptionist below.

Or, if you already know you need our services but what to learn more firsthand, contact us for your free 7-day trial and get the services you, your customers and your business deserves today!

How Can a Virtual Receptionist Service Help Your Business?

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Answer Overflow Calls During Your Peak Times

This is one of the most readily thought of reasons for gaining a virtual receptionist service and for good reason!

Every time a potential or future customer tries to call your business for information, directions, hours or a general question and that call goes on hold or straight to voicemail – you could be losing that customer.

Our team at Always Answer knows you can’t be on your phones all day, but you can’t let them all go either. And that is exactly why a virtual receptionist service is what your business needs to never miss a call, have a busy signal or go to voicemail again.

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Answer Your After-Hours Calls

Almost every business closes, but your customers never do. Missed calls due to closing times are still missed calls and therefore, missed customers.

And though this used to be an unavoidable loss, it isn’t anymore.

You can have a 24-hour live answering service which is always ready and open for your customers’ questions or needs.

When we say ‘never miss a call again’ we mean it. Whether that be during your peak hours or in the middle of the night, Always Answer is here to make sure you and your business thrive.

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Assist Your Customers Even When You Can’t

Let’s say a potential customer calls to ask about a specific project and the materials they will need, or a specific price of an item or service you provide. Now, let’s say at around the same time another customer calls to ask about your holiday hours and potential times for an appointment.

Which call are you going to take?

With our live receptionist services, you can give both customers what they want at once! We can send the first caller through to you, so you can discuss their project, pricing or the availability of the items they need.

And while you are on the phone with that call, we can set up an appointment for the next customer, telling them your availability and holiday hours.

Receptionist services mean you never have to choose between two customers or two projects again, and that means you have twice the sales and twice the revenue.

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Take Messages for You Later

What about if that same customer from above calls when you are closed?

If you have specified that you don’t want calls forwarded to you during non-working hours, then we can take a detailed message, and have it sent to you in a number of mediums.

But isn’t that just like a voicemail?

Not at all.

Having a live voice answer the call, even during off-hours, is important to your customers and can be the difference between a sale or going elsewhere.

Give your customers the service they deserve with a 24-hour answering service and live virtual receptionist.

Could a Virtual Receptionist Service from Always Answer Help Your Business Grow?

We would love to learn more about your needs and your business.

Contact us today – no wait times, we promise – and see all the potential for growth that we can provide for you!

Have more questions or want to try it before you buy it? Try our free 7-day trial here.