September 5, 2014

Is the Texas Oil Biz Back to Stay?

Not long ago, Texas oil rigs — once as busy as any on earth — stood still, as the economy stagnated and most of the U.S. was dependent on foreign oil sources. Today, fracking has regenerated the staple of the Texas economy, and more businesses are following suit, coming to the Long Star State to do banking, business, legal services, building, and much more. What does Texas have to offer the resurgence of the oil economy, as well as all those new industries? For one, Texas offers call centers that can take the pain out of growing.

Call Centers Can Answer Texas Service Calls

Call centers in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Huston, and other major metropolitan areas of Texas are standing in the gap, helping businesses grow when qualified workers are scarce. As Texas adds 50,000 new jobs, plus even more in farming, and unemployment rates sink to almost 5 percent (one of the lowest rates in the country), call centers let businesses handle current customers and reach out to new customers, even without a surplus of staff members.

A call center in Dallas can answer those customer service calls, technical support calls, and new business inquiry calls, while your workers focus on making production goals. Call centers can also handle outbound calls, including customer service surveys and marketing calls, even when you don’t have the workers available to do those tasks in-house. A call center can be your partner for success, as oil and other industries in Texas bring prosperity back to the state.