October 6, 2014

How to Successfully Run a One-Person Business

It isn’t easy being everything, from the CEO of a business to the accountant and janitor, but that’s exactly what running a one-person shop is like. However, with the right tools in place, such as a virtual assistant, you can run your business easier and more efficiently. As any good business person knows, efficiency translates directly into profitability.

Stay Organized 

It’s easy to develop a “toss it over there; I’ll get to it” organizational strategy, but this is going to bite you in the long run. Get a good filing system developed and keep the office as organized as you would if more people were on board. Develop systems that can work well even after you hire a few people to help out.

Get an Assistant 

A virtual assistant can do everything, from ordering inventory and supplies, to billing and paying bills, to answering phone calls and taking messages for you. These assistants don’t need office space, computers, vacation days, and other overhead associated with hiring an employee, but the workload an assistant takes off of you will make it feel like you’ve hired a helper.

Stick to a Schedule

Sometimes running your own business feels more like running a marathon. It’s important for you to take time off to get rest and to schedule time for bookkeeping, research, returning calls, and emails, and other non-production tasks. Make a schedule, and stick to it, including what time you start working, when you quit for the day, and time off to do things other than work.

A solo shop can be a well-oiled machine if you stay organized and get the help you need.