January 14, 2015

How to Move Your Brick & Mortar Business Online

More and more stores are supplementing sales by setting up online stores. As more shoppers turn to the Internet to browse and make purchases, this is a smart idea. Take the right steps for success, and prepare for the sharp spike in business by getting an answering service for customer support, setting up for an increase in production, or boosting your supply chain to make sure the goods you sell online will be available for on-time shipment.

Secure Your Domain Name

The first consideration is what your domain name will be. This is essentially your .com name, though there are others to choose from depending on your business, like .edu and .net. Research to determine which is most suitable. When possible, keep the domain name as close to your real business name as possible, so that your existing customers can easily find you online. When you secure hosting, you’ll also need to get an SSL certificate. This is the Secure Socket Layer, indicated by the padlock icon you see on your web browser when shopping secure sites.

Set Up a Merchant Account

A merchant account allows you to accept credit card payments. The majority of online buyers pay via credit or debit card, so without this you can’t make sales. It’s also a good decision to set up to accept PayPal, iPay, and other popular online payment methods. The more ways you can accept payment, the more you improve your customers’ ability to shop with you. Be sure your answering service has access to your merchant accounts so that they can accept payments and issue refunds on your behalf.

Create a Storefront

How your online store looks will determine how much customers trust you and enjoy shopping there. Make it attractive, friendly, and easy to navigate. If you have a recognizable logo, color scheme, or brand personality, make sure this is exhibited on your website.

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