June 30, 2014

How to Improve Your Government Agency’s Services with a Call Center

More than ever, government agencies are trying to reduce costs while maintaining the level of customer service expected. In part, this means cutting staff while trying to keep up with incoming phone calls regarding services provided by your city or organization. A call center can be extremely valuable in helping to meet these goals.

A call center is an affordable way to gain access to a pool of trained and qualified employees. The center trains their employees according to your specifications, so that they can answer common questions, handle basic issues, and free your staff for more critical assignments.

The benefits of a live answering service are numerous. People get much less frustrated when they can talk to a person instead of a machine, a live phone agent can assure that truly emergency situations are addressed promptly, and the center is set up to handle busy call times while not consuming precious funds during slow times.

A government call center can handle a variety of municipal and bureau inbound calls, including calls for the water board (such as reporting a water main break), calls for emergency services, polls and surveys, streetlights not working, dangerous situations at area parks, and much more.

Additionally, bilingual services are available to handle calls in populations with large numbers of Spanish speakers. This is especially valuable in Texas, where much of the population is of Hispanic origin.

You can design your own script for the answering service employees to use when handling calls, so that you can be sure the workers are giving out the correct information to your callers. It’s by far the easiest way to manage large volumes of incoming calls without going over budget for personnel.