August 6, 2014

How Small Businesses Can Professionalize Their Image

Small and micro-businesses want to maintain the same professional-looking image as the big guys, but how can this be done on a tiny budget? As it turns out, there are a few simple tricks to look just as impressive as the big guys, without going over budget to do it.

Hire a Professional Answering Service

If your company handles much business over the phone, it pays to contract with a professional answering service. Workers at these facilities are trained to handle inbound or outgoing calls professionally. Not only does this give your company a slicker phone image, it also frees up workers (even if that’s just you) to focus on productivity.

Invest in High-Quality Literature

The one area where you should never cut costs is slick-looking literature. Pay for the best brochures, stationery, flyers, and newsletters you can afford. Business literature is a direct reflection of the company, and those businesses that hand out poor quality stuff stand out — and not in a good way.

Streamline Your Image across Platforms

Another way to give a professional appearance is to make sure your brand identity is consistent across all media. Would someone recognize your logo on your website if they saw your printed ads? Do your online ads look like those on your fleet vehicles or the sign on your door? Do your answering service workers use the same language that customers see in your product documentation? Keep the company’s image consistent across all media for a truly professional appeal.

Competing with the big guys is a cinch if you know how to make yourself look good.