April 28, 2014

How Secure Is Your Call Center?

When you outsource your office phone calls to a call center, do you know exactly how secure the services are? When you set up call agency services, you need to forward information about your company’s services and products in order for the call center agents to accurately take messages, answer questions, and make appointments. If you handle sensitive information, you need to ensure the call agency you hire won’t be able to accidently leak the information or make it vulnerable to theft.


One of the main concerns is with medical or patient information. If your company handles this type of information, then it’s important to find a medical call center that is HIPAA compliant. In order to be HIPAA compliant, the call center must be able to protect their building, as well as their internet access and computer files.

Some standard building security involves keypad or barcode entry. Building security can also include live security patrols as well as security cameras. These are usually sufficient protection measures for the outside of the building. Inside, the next step involves protecting computer files. All client information should be encrypted with intrusion protection and the network as a whole should be virus and intrusion protected as well.

How Important Is Security?

Security is one of the main features you should look for when selecting a reliable call agency. It’s a crucial component of providing high quality professional services. Since you will be trusting sensitive information about your clients, you need to be sure that the call center you hire can measure up.