August 1, 2012

How Medical Call Centers Can Improve Your Service

Unfortunately, medical needs don’t begin at 8 in the morning and end at 5 in the evenings. Most all medical practices have needs for after-hours call centers that can handle the types of calls and callers that medical centers receive. Medical call centers should also be staffed with personnel that are trained in HIPAA. Some medical offices are also in need of bilingual speakers to handle incoming calls from patients who do not speak English as a native language. In addition to incoming calls from patients, medical call centers should also be prepared to handle calls from other medical professionals and even insurance companies. At Always Answer, this is what we do.

Our staffed and trained medical call centers personnel aren’t just handed an incoming telephone line. They are trained in HIPAA and any other information you need them to be able to handle. The calls are answered promptly and professionally, just as your own staff would do, if they had the personnel and time to do so. Hiring an outsource call center is far more cost effective than trying to hire enough in- house staff to handle the call volume. And you never have to worry about how your patients or colleagues are being handled during peak call hours, after hours, on holidays, weekends or any other time you need the medical call centers to operate for your practice. If you have questions about the service, or are ready to get started with your service, contact us via email or telephone, to learn how easily this service can be set up to work toward seamlessly meeting your call volume.