October 15, 2020

How Can a Business Phone Answering Service Help Small, Medium, & Large Businesses?

Woman talking on the phone with a Business Phone Answering Service

Small businesses, medium, even large businesses can greatly benefit from a business phone answering service in order to streamline processes and give employees time to get their own work done, not answering phones about directions or hours or other simple questions. And though online is growing, especially to answer questions, people still call – often. Make sure your business of any size is prepared!

Benefits of a Business Phone Answering Service

Cost Savings: 

There is no need to hire, train, or make room for added front end receptionist staff to deal with your calls, and no additional equipment to buy and install, like desks, machines, phones, or landline service. Our technology is innovative and cutting-edge, so we know we have all your bases covered and will provide exceptional business phone answering service to you and your callers – which saves you even more money!

24/7 Responsiveness:

This is a common business problem – most businesses are not 24/7. This means sometimes your callers get a cold answering machine, long wait times, or no response at all! Even during working hours, this could still happen due to a variety of reasons, like having someone on vacation or break, or having the phones simply be too busy. With a business phone answering service, you do not need to be concerned about calls going unanswered regardless of how late or early it is, or how many calls are coming in. We take your calls 24/7, whether it’s just one or 100!

Never Miss a Sales Call Again:

You need sales to survive and thrive, but if you aren’t available for calls, that will hurt your sales dramatically. What’s the point in spending money on advertising if you aren’t able to reel in those sales by speaking with them when they call? And of course, lots of sales are done online, but not all! There are still many who want to call, visit, and see the product or talk to a worker first. Customers want to talk to a genuine individual who is knowledgeable, especially for service businesses.

How Business Phone Answering Services Help Small Businesses

Small business owners want to appear both ‘local’ and ‘professional’ – but this can be a difficult balance to strike. By using a local business phone answering service, you gain both the local feel, and the professional polish that small businesses seek!

Plus, with our business phone answering services, you don’t need to hire more workers or a full-time receptionist, as they can run $13-16 per hour, with up to 30% fringe (benefits, taxes, time off, etc.).

Save your time and money with a business phone answering service and get the best first impression with your callers. From the first moment that a potential customer calls your business, they should be greeted with kind, knowledgeable, and professional service.

How Business Phone Answering Services Help Medium Businesses

Our most valuable service is that we supply your customers with the capacity to speak to a representative of your business even during ‘off-hours’ or after-hours.

We’re guessing that you are like most medium businesses, and you don’t stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means sometimes your callers will call…and there will be no one to answer. This is one of the biggest reasons that businesses of any size need 24/7 business phone answering services.

Never let the phone go to a cold answering machine, never leave your callers guessing at their answer, and never miss business again, even when you aren’t open!

How Business Phone Answering Services Help Large Businesses

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal of most businesses, especially large businesses that have more overhead. Help keep your overhead lower with a business phone answering service that can not only help increase your sales but keep costs lower than hiring more front-office staff.

With Always Answer, you only pay for the minutes our staff are on the phone with your callers, not the entire time you’re ‘on’ with us. This way you are only paying for calls that may turn into sales, and that’s a great ROI compared to other phone answering companies!

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