June 23, 2014

How a Physicians’ Answering Service Can Boost Your Practice

Whether you run a dental office, family medical office, home health service, hospice, pharmacy, or are a medical specialist, a physician’s answering service can free your staff, help cover the workload during busy hours, and enable you to meet all of your patients’ needs with ease. An answering service can schedule your appointments in real time, freeing your staff for other important tasks. Additionally, Spanish answering services are available to meet the needs of your Hispanic clientele.

Among the many advantages of using this answering service is that the skilled workers are familiar with regulations like HIPAA, so that you never have to worry about being out of compliance with the law. You can choose between an automated service and a live service to meet your budget, as well as offer your patients exactly what they need.

Best of all, the phone workers are familiar with the right procedures to take in case one of the callers is experiencing a true medical emergency. A physician’s answering service helps keep up with patient demands when you are or your staff is out of the office, or when the calls come in too heavily for the regular staff to keep up with the pace.

All of the messages taken by the answering service are delivered immediately, so your office can always stay on top of what’s going on with your patients and the practice. You can also elect to have an automated upfront greeting, which will give your callers necessary information after hours, such as your normal business hours and what to do in case of emergency. This service is a natural extension of your practice, enabling you and your staff to handle your workload no matter how busy things become.