January 5, 2015

Hottest Business Predictions for 2015

The ball has dropped, and 2015 is here! What do the business analysts have to say about what this year holds for business? In addition to innovation and technology improvements, this year is the year in which businesses that have learned to operate leaner and meaner begin to significantly outpace those with bloated budgets and fewer cutting-edge ideas. Things like outsourcing your answering services can help cut costs and keep your business competitive with the very best in 2015.

Innovation Will Separate the Proverbial Wheat from the Chaff

Businesses that have a good grasp on what technology is available and how to leverage it for success will begin to outpace those with less knowledge and savvy, in a noticeable way. Growth will come for those who have invested in the right tools to succeed, while those left without will begin to feel the effects in terms of losing customers and being unable to meet market demands for products and services.

Moving Toward a Less-Connected World?

The past few years have seen a tremendous upsurge in BYOD policies, meaning workers are constantly connected to their bosses, coworkers, and clients via mobile devices. However, the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. Workers realize that the “constantly connected” mentality leads to burnout and less satisfaction with both work and personal life. This will drive the need for answering services and other means of reclaiming workers’ personal lives.

Marketing Will Change for the Better

Marketing is moving away from traditional spot ads and toward content-oriented messages via YouTube, social media, and blogs. Consumers have learned to ignore banner ads and mute unwanted pop-up ads, but still seek out content-based marketing messages that offer real value to them in terms of knowledge, advice, and entertainment.

If your business is ready to do 2015 right, contact Always Answer at 800-606-9898. We offer services like phone answering, virtual assistants, and other means to stay connected the modern way. Happy New Year!